Actor Tasya Teles was welcomed into 'The 100's fold, while her character Echo took time to feel at home

Actor Tasya Teles was welcomed into 'The 100's fold, while her character Echo took time to feel at home

Over the last six seasons, The CW's 'The 100' has proved time and again that it is a show about various worlds colliding and the people who are caught in this collision making the choice of peace or refusing to do so. There have been many characters on the show, who have started off in the grey area, touched upon bad, and landed on good, and the perfect example of this is Tasya Teles' Echo. 

We were wary of Echo when we met her in Mount Weather, and she proved to be an enemy of our protagonists when her unwavering loyalty to Ice Nation and its queen Nia led her to look at Skaikru as her enemy. However, after the second apocalypse forced her to spend five years in space with the very people she despised, she became one of them. Today, they are her closest friends, with Bellamy (Bob Morley) even becoming her lover.

Was it an easy journey? For Teles, sure. But for Echo, not by a long shot. 

Teles explains how the set of 'The 100' was one that was really inviting and welcoming any time there is a new character. In an exclusive with MEA WorldWide (MEAWW), she says, "We are all very social and we get along very well. So, there was a very natural inclusion that happened. We are all just really close friends. We spend a lot of time together, and that happened almost immediately. I felt an immediate kinship with everyone on the show. I feel at home on the show."

She also points out how Lindsey Morgan who plays Raven, Sachin Sahel who plays Eric, and Eliza Taylor who plays Clarke are probably her closest friends after Bob.

Although Echo was not a beloves character in the beginning, over the years she has grown on us,  (Twitter)

The people who have the most fun together are also dependant on "geographically where everybody is," she clarifies, adding how Jessica Harmon is also a dear friend of hers, and how the show's newest addition, Shannon has become a close friend with everyone as well.

With Echo, however, things were a little different, Teles says. She shares that because Echo herself was wary of the extended family of 'The 100', she went on to become very patient with them. "She is very close to Bellamy and Harper and Raven. Those are her friends, and by virtue of her friends knowing and loving Jackson and Miller and Clarke, and everybody else, she has adopted them as her extended family, but Echo is someone who is also wary and very watchful," she says, adding, "They might take some time to open up to her and so she is just patient and trying to do her best."


She says that because Echo's character has evolved a lot over the last six years, she is able to see herself in her character a lot more, but initially, there was nothing she could relate to. In comparison, she believed Lindsey and Sachin have a lot of similarities with their characters. "I think that there is a lot of Raven in Lindsey because Lindsey is very much a get-it-done type of gal. She doesn't give up when a lot of obstacles get in her way. I think Sachin has that sweetness about him that Jackson has and that humanity," she says.

Teles also believes that her character has been an exemplification of this evolution and change in the series, and although she loves Echo so much, there is another role she longs for. "I always wanted to play Veronica," she says when pressed about what character from a CW show she would want to play. "I used to read the 'Archie' comics growing up, so that is the one I am most excited about, but I am too old to play her now I think. I can't play high school," she jokes. 


Whether or not she is too old to play Veronica, she is perfect in every way to bring Echo to life, and you can watch her do just that in season six of 'The 100' which airs every Tuesday 9 pm/8c on The CW, after which it will be added to The CW app.

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