Tarek El Moussa calls Heather Rae Young 'real Barbie', gets slammed for 'degrading and objectifying' her

The HGTV star was at the receiving end of a lot of hate from his followers as he uploaded a photo of his 'Selling Sunset' star fiancee Heather Rae Young referring to her as a real-life Barbie

                            Tarek El Moussa calls Heather Rae Young 'real Barbie', gets slammed for 'degrading and objectifying' her
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Real Estate bigwigs Tarek El Moussa and Heather Rae Young have just entered a new phase in their year-old relationship. They just celebrated their anniversary and commemorated it with sharing the news of their engaged-to-be-married status with their fans who couldn't be any happier. The couple has always received love from their fans but the latest post by El Moussa has changed that. On Friday (July 31) evening, he posted a photograph of Heather in a Fucshia pink dress standing against a backdrop of pink balloons. El Moussa put up the photo on Instagram with the caption, "My future wife...Looks like the real Barbie?" and since then a certain section of fans have been tearing him up for "objectifying" his fiance. 

"She is absolutely gorgeous but referring to her as Barbie is degrading," wrote a fan while a somewhat irate follower wrote, "Objectifying women in this day really shows your weakness dude." Another follower inquired, "She's beautiful but is that why you love her?" Another comment read, "Barbie is plastic, with unattainable strange dimensions and a prominent pubic mound with knees that don't bend. Ok ok.. whatever floats your boat."

A certain section of fans noted that El Moussa has a type when it comes to women and that he dated and is now engaged to someone who resembles his ex-wife Christina Anstead. "Your future wife...looks like your ex-wife. Lol js," read a comment. "She and Christina look so similar to me," wrote another follower. "She looks just like his first wife. Just saying. Best of luck," wrote a fan. Another follower commented, "You definitely have a type but she seems perfect for you. Nice, you found real love God Bless your union." While another comment read, "I think he has a type, she looks more like your ex tbh."

El Moussa sure was ambushed by all these hate comments. However, Heather decided to stand up for him and quash all hate comments that were posted under the photo. "OMG, I'm at a Barbie birthday!!!!!! Chill out people, it's a theme! Geez," she wrote in the comment section and later moved on to respond to a couple of other abhorring comments brushing them off as "insane."

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