Tara Reid's vacation picture makes fans concerned for her health as she looks 'skinny' while posing in a bikini

The Sharknado actress' picture in a swimsuit made fans concerned, some even asked to eat her fill and suggested that Dominican Republic cuisine would improve her appetite.

                            Tara Reid's vacation picture makes fans concerned for her health as she looks 'skinny' while posing in a bikini
Tara Reid (Source:Getty Images)

Tara Reid's fans are worried for her health after she posted a picture in a bikini. The actress took to her Instagram to share a holiday picture that she had taken. Tara was seen by the pool, wearing a red bikini and posing along with two of her friends. "Having the best time with my girls in Casa de Campo, Dominican Republic," she captioned the picture. 

While Tara seemed to be confident and happy with the way she looked, her fans were quite concerned for her. Many people thought that the actress has lost a lot of weight and needs help. "Since you're here honey try every meal our Dominican menu can offer to trust me you'll get the pounds u definitely need," one concerned fan wrote. While another wrote, "What on earth happened to her! Honey take care of yourself."

Some people thought that Tara was fighting with an eating disorder. "She looks sick, she’s either got anorexia or abusing one hell of a drug. Not hating just worried. If she doesn’t take notice and get the help she will be the next celebrity death headline," wrote another. 

There were others who were not happy with people calling her picture sexy. "You tell someone with an eating disorder she looks sexy!! You are part of the problem," the comment read. Another added, "She is fed NOT sexy. She really does look sick or like she's abusing drugs. Either way, she probably needs rehab for one condition or another. Poor girl."

However, there were some who defended Tara. "Don't let the world get you down. Don't let people get you down. The only person in the world who matters is you, and that's where all of your love and focus needs to be. You've got to love yourself first and take care of yourself first. I hope you see this and realize your friends? Aren't your friends. They clearly aren't giving you what you need in order to ensure you're caring for you. I hope that you see the light and can understand that we all love and support you - thick, thin, crazy, cool. Whatever it may be- love yourself baby girl. Get the help you deserve," one fan noted. 

While another supported her by saying, "Telling someone with anxiety "stop worrying". Depression "just be happy". Insomnia "just go to sleep". Anorexia "to eat". Bulimia "keep it in". Self-harm issues "stop cutting". Problems "just get over it". It's like stabbing yourself in the stomach with a massive knife then saying "stop bleeding" and then immediately feeling better. It's not how it works OK." 

This is not the first time the actress has posted a gaunt-looking frame and has sent fans worrying. In 2014 when she had posted pictures of her looking extremely thin from when she was on vacation at Palm Springs, she had invited a lot of criticism. In an interview to TMZ, the American Pie actress defended herself saying: "I'm just a small boned girl, you see? I eat, I eat, I eat, I eat. I'm just what I am. So if you wanna get mad at me cause I'm skinny, go ahead. I am what I am."

So maybe fans could just take her word for it.