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Was Tammy Slaton fired from '1000-lb Sisters'? Truth behind star's shocking accusations of low pay on TLC show

Season 3 of '1000-lb Sisters' has been announced because of its record-breaking ratings but one-half of the popular Slaton sisters insists she's broke and has called producers out for it
Tammy Slaton has come out with fresh allegations against the producers of '1000-lb Sisters' (TLC)
Tammy Slaton has come out with fresh allegations against the producers of '1000-lb Sisters' (TLC)

Tammy Slaton strikes out again. After her multiple outbursts on the show, some micro and some full-blown, the star of '1000-lb Sisters' has now spoken out against the producers for the second time after the recently concluded Season 2 of the show. The show recorded massive ratings and the popularity of the sisters from Dixon, Kentucky, went through the roof but Tammy insists that she feels used by producers and that they're not paying her enough.

Tammy uses her social media pages to connect with her fans as well as clear the air about things related to her life. In the past, she asked her fans to stop attacking her relationship with her former boyfriend Jerry Sykes telling them that she is aware of his marriage to Kia Russell-Rucker Sykes. Once again, she has used her platform to reveal information from her private life and this time, it is about her finances. 


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Reacting to a fan comment about her making a lot of money from the show, Tammy set the record straight saying that it's the show that makes money off her and not the other way around.

Her fans always complain about the quality of the videos she shares on her TikTok page and one of them asked her to purchase an iPhone as she's rich enough to do so. That's when she replied saying it's TLC that is making money off her and her family and that she's on the verge of going broke. The comment has now been deleted. 

Tiktok (queentammy86)

Tammy slams producers

Speaking about her finances is not the first time where Tammy Slaton has hit back at producers. She received a lot of flak from audiences on the episode where her sister Amy Slaton's baby Gage Halterman's birth was documented and she appeared to be indifferent at the happy news. There were various opinions swirling around on the Internet and a lot of hurtful comments were written by fans calling Tammy jealous of Amy's progress in life. 

One of the fans on TikTok asked Tammy about her reaction during the FaceTime call which was her first time meeting Gage. “Why are you mad at Amy for having a kid?” a fan asked. Answering it while doing a Q&A, Tammy said, "I am not now, nor have I ever been, mad at Amy for having a child. Why would I? If you think about it, he was born in November. That’s when I got Covid-19. When Amy was in the hospital, the day she had him, I was sick with Covid-19 and didn’t know it."

Tammy Slaton (YouTube)

“I am not mad at Amy. I am very proud of Amy. I love Amy unconditionally. And baby Gage is my everything. So I’m not now, nor have I ever been, mad at Amy. I was just not feeling good and didn’t wanna talk. And they were pushing me to. They being the producers,” Tammy said. 

Was Tammy thrown out of '1000-lb Sisters'?

Tammy Slaton has thrown caution to the wind by making shocking allegations related to being offered low pay for the TLC show. There are rumors that state that she has been thrown out of the show because of her attitude but this news remains to be confirmed by Tammy and TLC. 

Where is Tammy now?

Tammy Slaton was admitted to an assisted living facility at the end of Season 2 of '1000-lb Sisters'. A lot of her followers have flooded the comments section of her TikTok videos and on Instagram as well asking her about an alleged incident that happened at the facility. "I heard you smacked a nurse. Why Tammy?" asked a fan.

The reality star took to her page to clarify that "never in a 1000 years would I hit, or kick or bite or throw something at a nurse." People in her comments also spoke about her getting a security guard at the assisted living facility fired because she pursued a romantic relationship with him, however, Tammy is yet to speak on those allegations. 

Tammy Slaton from '1000-lb Sisters' (TLC)

'1000-lb Sisters' has been renewed for Season 3. Keep checking our website to read about the latest updates of Amy and Tammy Slaton as well as the new season.