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Tammy Slaton breaks up with 'BBWKing' Phillip Redmond AGAIN, says 's**t happens' in TikTok video

The reality star explained that while Redmond is a 'good guy', she was ready to move on and focus on herself
UPDATED AUG 22, 2022
Tammy Slaton and Phillip Redmond have broken up (Instagram/queentammy86)
Tammy Slaton and Phillip Redmond have broken up (Instagram/queentammy86)

It looks like reality star Tammy Slaton and her boyfriend Phillip Redmond, known online as BBWKing have split yet again. The '1000-lb Sisters' star took to TikTok to announce the break up, letting fans know that she and Redmond were no longer a couple.

In two consecutive posts, Slaton implied that she was no longer seeing Redmond. In the first video, which featured Slaton, she captioned it "Being single sucks but I'm learning more about myself every day." In a follow-up video, a fan asked what had happened with 'SSBBW King', which is Redmond's online persona.


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Slaton noted that it was a personal issue and that there was no animosity. "There is nothing I wish to discuss. I am not trying to be rude.. I just.. you know, it's personal," Slaton said in a TikTok video answering the fan's question. She explained that "sh-t happens" and that she was moving now. She also expressed that she was not "going back" to him, even though "he's a good guy."

The couple has had a rather tumultuous on-again-off-again relationship so far. Their previous split occurred when Slaton stated on '1000-lb Sisters' that she had to get cops involved due to harassment from Redmond's end. Slaton said that Redmond was constantly trying to call her, right up until where he called her 20 times in an hour and then produced to contact her via a private number. Slaton added that Redmond threatened to bust down her door as well. Back then, Slaton's family was glad that the pair split, seeing that Redmond made claims that he only dates women above 300lbs. This combined with the alleged harassment, has the entire family worried for Slaton's safety and well-being.

However, as reported by TV Showcase, Redmond's baby mama reached out to the news outlet, claiming that Slaton's allegations of harassment were false and their relationship was exclusive to TikTok alone. "I normally wouldn’t do this but Tammy is a lying piece of garage she is lying on Phillip which is the father of my 2 children I normally do not entertain mess like this but Tammy took it 2 far when she proceeded to go on television and say that the father of my children threaten her and stalked her that is totally not true at all Phillip broke things up with Tammy because she wanted him to leave his family for her when she knew their ‘relationship’ was strictly a TikTok relationship.” the website reported.

Redmond's baby mama also stated that it was Slaton making the excessive phone calls and not the other way around, as expressed on the show “He never threatened her and yes she lied when she said she broke up with him when the truth was he asked her repeatedly to leave him alone because she was literally calling him back to back nonstop and he never got mad about anything she was doing because she was never his girlfriend she knew he had a family so that was definitely a lie he never was angry.” she added.