Who shot Takeoff? Witness says rapper 'got shot out of nowhere' after Quavo 'started fight' at dice game

Who shot Takeoff? Witness says rapper 'got shot out of nowhere' after Quavo 'started fight' at dice game
Quavo and Takeoff (R) were part of rap group Migos; (inset) last pic of the killed rapper (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Global Citizen, @canelo____/Twitter)

HOUSTON, TEXAS: Rapper Takeoff died a tragic death at a dice game and the internet has been shaken to the core since then. An anonymous chat posted by Twitter handle @canelo____ appearently reveals the entire turn of events and details the fight that led to Takeoff being killed amidst the chaos. Twenty eight-year-old Takeoff, real name Kirshnik Khari Ball, was fatally shot at a bowling alley in Houston where he and Quavo were playing dice around 2.30 am. The chat shared by @canelo____ says that they got involved in a fight with people with 'wrong mob ties' and it ultimately led to people firing guns.

According to the text message, someone from Migos' group accidentally shot Takeoff after they started 'shooting wild.'

The chat reportedly claims that Quavo was getting worked up about losing the dice game while Takeoff remained calm; however, the rapper ended up being shot twice due to the fight that broke out due to Quavo's belligerence.

The first shot was fired by Migos' group and Takeoff was caught in the crossfire when the other grloup responded withy gunfire, the chat claims. The internet has been connecting the incident with the September death of rapper PnB Rock who got killed at an eatery in LA.


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The tweet of the chat was shared with two pictures that were taken before the incident. One picture was attached in the chat while the other one has been shared within the thread as the last picture of Migos, Quavo, and Takeoff before they flew to Houston.



The internet has been posting its own stories and while some of them are pointing fingers at Quavo, other tweets have brought up a few other names. Amidst all the names, Kanye West also shared his thoughts on the tragic event and shared a tweet that read, "This whole takeoff and quavo thing is making me so sad rn man" along with the screenshots of the chats that went viral.


A couple of tweets also pointed fingers at rapper J Prince Jr, however, all of these are speculations and the 'wrong mob ties' people are yet to be identified.

One tweet read, "She already snitchin by saying the nigga mob ties lol they were at a certain person birthday it’s not hard to put this together," and when another user asked who was the person, the OP replied, "J prince jr wasn’t a birthday party but maybe a Halloween one, you can see him walk out and say sum in the video."


Another reply under Kanye's tweet from a different user said a similar thing as they tweeted, "The chick just snitching;i think it was someone's birthday and it's weird quavo wasn't shot; and you can see prince jr in the video walking away saying,'y'all know what happened'...so there must be something that must have happened".


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