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Takeoff died WITHOUT a will, and his estranged parents are now fighting over his multi-million assets

Takeoff's father, who many claim had no part in his upbringing, has come out after his death to profess closeness to his late son
UPDATED NOV 19, 2022
Rapper Takeoff allegedly died without a will (Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Coachella)
Rapper Takeoff allegedly died without a will (Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Coachella)

LAWRENCEVILLE, GEORGIA: Takeoff's sudden and tragic death may spark a potential dispute between his family members over his estate. A recent report claims that a family conflict is developing over who will receive the late Migos star's assets, which may run into millions of dollars, and other future earnings as he passed away without leaving a will as reported by AceShowbiz. According to a source with knowledge of the matter, Takeoff had no will when he died in a shooting on November 1. His nearest living relatives will receive the entirety of his estate in accordance with Georgian law. The relatives would be his parents since he was childless.

The issue is that Takeoff's mother and father reportedly do not get along. People close to him claim that the 28-year-old was raised by his mother and that they are unaware of the role that Takeoff's father played in the upbringing of the Migos star. However, several of Takeoff's father's relatives have come forward on social media after the rapper died to talk about his involvement in Takeoff's life. 


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Following his tragic death, his father Kenneth Ball posted on Facebook, "Kirsnick Khari Tiquon Ball my first love out of my five kids this is so so hard please keep Titania Davenport (Treet) and me (Kenneth M Ball) and the entire family on both sides in your prayers doing our difficult time. No one know the pain I'm feeling right now BUT with GOD I will find peace."


Social media users, meanwhile, criticized a person, who identified herself as Takeoff's sister Kendra Ball, for only discussing him on the day of his funeral. "Absolutely, so selfish of putting his business out there after he is gone. In his whole career this man made headlines, he was always minding his business. And she wants to put his private life out there. This got me livid," one fan tweeted. Another user shared the sentiment, "If you are really his sister please don't bring this to social media. He was never in the headlines for anything else but his music and you should respect him enough to keep it that way..." Takeoff's sister responded to the critics, "My tweet is a reference to the blogs that literally say his dad left when he was in kindergarten and the comments that say things along the lines of 'I bet his dad wished we would've stuck around.'" 

Rapper Takeoff, a member of the group Migos was shot dead on November 1 in Houston, Texas. Takeoff and his group mate Quavo were playing dice when a fight broke out and someone opened fire, shooting Takeoff, who was pronounced dead at the scene. 

Takeoff had a net worth of $26 million, according to CelebrityNetWorth, at the time of his death.