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Griffin Kinard: NYC writer's old tweets trolled, 'take a chill pill'

Internet users spam an old tweet of the man who punched a woman on the NYC subway, telling him 'I need you to... take a chill pill'
UPDATED OCT 30, 2021
Griffin Kinard is a freelance writer who punched a woman on an NYC subway (@griffin_kinard/Twitter)
Griffin Kinard is a freelance writer who punched a woman on an NYC subway (@griffin_kinard/Twitter)

When a video of a man punching a woman on the NYC subway went viral in late October, it didn't take long for him to be identified as Griffin Kinard. Social media users swiftly found his social media profiles and began attacking him for his violent outburst on the train. One of those attacks appears focused on an old tweet Kinard made in 2017. People have mocked that tweet, with numerous replies of "take a chill pill", which is what the lady reportedly told Kinard.

The violent outburst by Kinard isn't the first on the NYC subway. In early October, a shocking video emerged showing a woman being shoved into an oncoming train by another woman. In September, surveillance footage caught a man kicking a woman down the escalator at a Brooklyn subway station. Like Kinard, that man was eventually identified as Bradley Hill. He was also publicly shamed and eventually arrested for his actions.


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The Internet is now doing its best to shame and mock Kinard, ironically using the same "take a chill pill" line that the woman did before she was punched. As we previously reported, the woman was hit because she reportedly told Kinard to calm down. Even though he was in front of his minor children, Kinard punched the woman and continued to rant at other commuters, saying things like "t ain't about being a role model if I get my f-----g respect from people like you." 

Notably, none of the passengers intervened and so far it seems as if Kinard hasn't been arrested for his actions. In the meantime though, he continues to be mocked on a very old tweet he made. On March 24, 2017, Kinard tweeted, "I don't come in here to leave without getting what is mines." That appears to be the last tweet he made from the account. Kinard hasn't tweeted since, nor has he liked, retweeted, or commented on other tweets. By all indications, it appears he no longer uses that Twitter account.


'Yo Chill' mock Twitter users

Irrespective, some users just couldn't help but mock him. "How's that chill pill taste now, sport?" one user asked. Another replied, "I’m gonna need you to.. take a chill pill." A user tweeted, "You seriously need to take a chill pill bro!" A few other comments included "CHILLLLLLL", and "Yo, chill."






However, those weren't the only responses. One user mocked Kinard's grammar, tweeting, How are you a freelance writer yet have no clue how plural nouns work?" Another replied to the tweet by saying, "What is yours is an assault and battery charge." Another replied, "Good thing you did that in a city where everyone is disarmed. That would have ended badly for you elsewhere."




It's unclear why Kinard stopped using Twitter. In 2016 and 2017, he made numerous tweets, signing off with the name 'Pharaoh' and often with pictures of himself and his kids. Most of the tweets appear to be words of advice, with one ironically saying "love is a lost emotion".