Taeyeon 'INVU': Release date, tracks, and all about Girls' Generation member's 3rd studio album

Taeyeon 'INVU': Release date, tracks, and all about Girls' Generation member's 3rd studio album
Girls' Generation's Taeyeon will make her first solo comeback in 13 months (@GirlsGeneration/Twitter)

With the timely pre-release of singles ‘Weekend’ and ‘Can’t Control Myself’ -- which will be part of her upcoming comeback album ‘INVU’, Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon is finally making a stellar comeback as a solo artist. Taeyeon released ‘Weekend’ back in July of 2021 as a digital single, only to follow it with ‘Can’t Control Myself’ that dropped in January this year. Now, only a month after dropping her second pre-release track, Taeyeon is finally making her comeback with her third studio album that will have a total of 13 songs.

Although Taeyeon has been busy after her venture with SM Entertainment’s project group Girls On Top’s subunit, GOT the best, fans wished for a full album comeback from Taeyeon, who last released a complete album back in December of 2020.

Taeyeon dropped her fourth Korean mini-album -- which also was her seventh mini-album overall (including her Japanese EPs), ‘What Do I Call You’, with six tracks. Now as she nears the release of ‘INVU’, Taeyeon teased fans with short clips from various tracks that will be part of her 2022 comeback album.


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Release Date

Girls' Generation’s Taeyeon will release her third full-length solo album ‘INVU’ on February 14, at 6 pm KST (4 am ET).

How to Listen

You can listen to Taeyeon’s 3rd studio album ‘INVU’ on all major music streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and MelOn among others.



1. ‘Invu’ [Title-Track]
2. ‘Some Nights’
3. ‘Can't Control Myself’
4. ‘Set Myself On Fire’
5. ‘Toddler’
6. ‘Siren’
7. ‘Cold As Hell’
8. ‘Timeless’
9. ‘Heart’
10. ‘No Love Again’
11. ‘You Better Not’
12. ‘Weekend’
13. ‘Ending Credits’

‘INVU’ will have13 songs in total, with first track ‘Invu’ serving as its lead single. Out of all the songs on the album, Taeyeon has already pre-released ‘Can’t Control Myself’ and ‘Weekend’. Other songs from the album, namely ‘No Love Again’ and ‘Some Nights’, have also been teased over the last few days by Taeyeon. ‘No Love Again’ is an up-tempo pop song that provides a danceable atmosphere with a lively guitar performance and drum sound, while the song ‘Some Nights’ is an attractive RnB ballad with dreamy vocals from Taeyeon where she harmonizes alongside gentle guitar and piano performances.



For her third full-length album, ‘INVU’, that drops on Valentine’s Day, Girls' Generation’s Taeyeon takes fans on a dreamy romantic journey with her concept photos that were dropped ahead of the release of the album. For her initial set of concept photos, Taeyeon appears to exude a mature charm, raising expectations for the full-length album. Taeyeon also appeared in sepia-toned concept photos with her long hair hanging down as she created a mysterious atmosphere with her unique cut-out outfits and hairstyles.


Music Video

Taeyeon will release the music video for ‘Invu’, the lead single of her third full-length solo album ‘INVU’, on February 14, at 6 pm KST (4 am ET).

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