'10 feet away from you': Indiana swim coach arrested for stalking OnlyFans model, sending creepy texts

'10 feet away from you': Indiana swim coach arrested for stalking OnlyFans model, sending creepy texts
Matt Papachronis drove to Wisconsin to stalk an OnlyFans model (Booking photo)

A 45-year-old ex-Hamilton South East School District swimming coach, Matt Papachronis, was arrested on July 20, for allegedly stalking an unidentified OnlyFans model. The woman, unaware of the extent of his encroaching behaviour, only realised it in May when things got out of hand, and Matt drove to her city and made someone deliver a note to her.

He paid an 8-year-old kid $5 to give her the note, along with $200, which read that the money or "investment", as he called it, would help the woman give herself the life she deserves. The model reportedly had a blackout as she sat attending her boyfriend's baseball game, concerned for her safety.


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The note also said, “P.S. I’ll no longer pursue you here in person. You are safe and always were. I just had to see for myself.” He signed the note as, "love and respect MJP aka JP." The victim then reported this to the police, and further investigation revealed there was more to the eerie behaviour. The model said she doesn't usually check her messages on OnlyFans as there are moderators and account managers who take a portion of her money to respond to these. A "ChiGuy34" had been sending concerning texts to her for quite some time.

The texts he sent before May included pictures of the model, her boyfriend, and even her apartment. He had also sent the baseball match's picture, captioning it with, “I was 10 feet away from you," and a picture of the trip they took right before the match. A moderator then asked him if he was stalking her. To this, he replied, “I did, yes, for a day. I’m not proud of it… I’m embarrassed… but I got down to the truth. At least some of it.” The police traced the account to Matt himself by tracking his phone and whereabout on May 14.

“I literally watched you 2 do everything together the last 2+ days,” he continued. “I was next to you when you took the picture at the game today. You can’t cover it up." He also mentioned how he saw her with a guy the previous night in bed and that he “saw it all.” He drove all the way to Wisconsin in a Camry he rented in his wife's name.


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His previous place of work, the Hamilton South East School District, said in a statement to Fox 59: “We are aware of the arrest of assistant swim coach Matt Papachronis stemming from an out-of-state warrant. He was employed with HSE from 2002 to 2009 as a lay coach and returned in 2018 as an assistant swim coach for Hamilton Southeastern High School. His employment has since been terminated.”

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