'Swim Instructor Nightmare': Lifetime movie has a psycho swimmer and an unsuspecting family

'Swim Instructor Nightmare': Lifetime movie has a psycho swimmer and an unsuspecting family
Ellen (Shellie Sterling) and Parker (Cj Hammond) in 'Swin Instructor Nightmare' (Lifetime)

Channels like Lifetime are known for bringing stomach-churning stories to the viewers. These tales are sometimes similar to real-life incidents, while sometimes they follow a true story. 'Swim Instructor Nightmare' is yet another gem that leaves a message for its viewers, even while terrifying you in ways you hadn't imagined before.

'Swim Instructor Nightmare' follows a family where the father, Parker (CJ Hammond), wants his reluctant 10-year-old daughter Ashley (Kiarra Beasley) to learn swimming and hires swim instructor Sabrina (Sydney Hamm). However, unbeknownst to all, Sabrina develops a strange obsession for Parker and plans to drown everyone in her wake.

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Sabrina is a great teacher, but she is riddled with various psychological problems. And to make it worse, she has a morbid crush on Parker and desperately wants him in her life. She takes advantage of the conflicts in Parker and his wife Ellen's (Shellie Sterling) marriage and hatches a plan to take his wife's place. 

Ashley (Kiarra Beasley) in 'Swim Instructor Nightmare' (Lifetime)



Sabrina's obsession soon takes over her common sense, and the people Parker loves are now in mortal danger as she plans to remove everyone from her path. The movie reminds one of Lifetime's equally dark 'Killer Stepmom', in which a revenge-filled lady tries to replace the real mother of a child. However, in 'Swim Instructor Nightmare', Ellen is smart enough to poke around and figure out what's going on with Sabrina, which carries the film to its inevitable end.

Sabrina (Sydney Hamm) in 'Swim Instructor Nightmare' (Lifetime)



'Swim Instructor Nightmare' is brilliantly directed by Dough Campbell and creatively written by David Chester as the duo deftly builds a terrifying story. The mystery and deadliness that oozes through make it a perfect watch for those who love to binge on thrillers and spooky movies. Moreover, the movie also works as an instructive fairytale for anyone who trusts people blindly; sometimes, a sweet person can turn into your worst nightmare.

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