Swae Lee offers $20K reward for lost hard drive that contains 'whole life', fans predict 'leaks coming soon'

His second studio album 'Human Nature' may not get a release date anytime soon if he doesn't find his lost item soon

                            Swae Lee offers $20K reward for lost hard drive that contains 'whole life', fans predict 'leaks coming soon'
Swae Lee (Getty Images)

Rapper Swae Lee took to his social media on December 14 to state that he has lost his hard drive, which contains "all" his songs. Lee shared that the hard drive went missing at Los Angeles International Airport, specifically at Terminal 2 of Delta Airlines. The rapper is also offering a reward of $20,000 for anyone who returns his hard drive. "Got 20k for anyone who found my harddrive @ LAX T2 delta airlines this morning all my songs are on there [praying hands emoji]," he wrote on a recent Instagram Story. We all know that feeling. Losing something that is so precious we can't imagine what it would be like without it. Sometimes, losing a precious item may potentially alter our lives and that seems to be the case with Lee.

Check out his post here. Over on Twitter, Swae Lee then shared, "I GOT MY WHOLE LIFE ON THAT SHIT !!! [broken heart emoji]."


Some fans on Instagram aren't showing any sympathy for Lee's loss. One user says, "L they can make more money off leaking those songs😭."

"Hella swae lee leaks coming soon 🤣," said a fan while another wrote, "Damn! Loads of music & albums bouta be leaked 🤦🏽‍♂️."

Meanwhile, others are supporting and encouraging the rapper. "Top 2 worst feelings ever.. yall help this man 💯," says a fan. On Twitter, one fan said, "Everything will be ok big bro. Trust God. Go for a jog; take deep breaths and visualize the outcome of this experience. HOLOGRAPHIC UNIVERSE!!! YOUR ITEMS WILL BE RETURNED!!!"

One fan shared, "Trust me when y’all put everything on suttin and dat shyt doesn’t work like y’all expected. Fucc I kno how dat shyt hurts."





If Swae Lee truly has lost all his music and it isn't returned, there is a high chance that fans won't be getting his highly anticipated studio album 'Human Nature' anytime soon. Lee has been teasing the sophomore album this year and promised it was going to be "huge." In an interview with Billboard, the rapper said, "It's gonna be huge. I'm breaking all the rules [and] I'm breaking all the boundaries. I'm making my own song formats and doing some production on there. I'm just doing what sounds good to the ear." He added, "People know me for a certain style, so I'm just giving them styles they didn't even know I could do. Sonically, I'm scientific with it. I'm creating moods with my next album."

In an interview with Revolt.TV, Lee said fans can "expect infectious bops, infectious beats, infectious lyrics, and infectious melodies." He noted, "It’s nothing you’ve ever heard before. I’m not recycling lyrics, not remaking songs, none of that. It’s all original pioneer s**t, all new s**t. You can’t compare it to anything. It’s me." 

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