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'Survivor' Season 44: New contestants hindered by medical emergencies, scary fall, and more

Host, Jeff Probst, dubbed 'Survivor' Season 44 as more intense and unpredectible than the previous editions
'Survivor' Season 44 to premiere on March 1 (Youtube/GlobalTv)
'Survivor' Season 44 to premiere on March 1 (Youtube/GlobalTv)

MAMANUCA ISLAND, FIJI: 'Survivor' is all set to return for Season 44 with 18 new contestants. The new season of the CBS survival competition brings in fresh new faces who will stake their lives to become the ultimate sole "survivor." The challenges will also be gut-wrenching in the new season.

CBS officially renewed 'Survivor' Season 44 in March 2022. Just like the previous seasons, 'Survivor' 44 was filmed on Mamanica Island in Fiji. CBS has already shared several sneak peeks of the upcoming season and also teased what medical scares viewers may expect to watch in the thrilling episode of the new season. Moreover, 'Survivor' host Jeff Probst dubbed the new season to be an intense, and unpredictable experience.


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What medical scares are in store for 'Survivor' 44 contestants?

'Survivor' Season 44 will be one of the toughest seasons of all the seasons that have aired. This is so as Probst has already revealed that there’s was a "record number of medical visits" during the show's filming. This simply means there were a lot of accidents on the island during the survival challenges. Moreover, in the 'Survivor' preview, a medical emergency was also teased. One of the contestants can be seen on the ground while Probst said, "everybody stop… medical emergency" with another contestant asking someone, "can you please open your eyes for me... keep breathing."

Additionally, a saline drip was also teased with Probst saying, "they will be stripped to their cores." One of the contestants teased that she thought 'Survivor' would be against people but it's more about the elements and challenges. 18 contestants, who are left stranded on an island, will fight with and for each other to survive in the upcoming season.

'Survivor' season 44 contestant suffers scary fall

'Survivor' Season 44 starts with a very scary fall of a contestant. The preview shows Matthew Grinstead-Mayle climbing the cliff with the background voice saying, "I think the biggest lesson that I've learned from watching Survivor over the year is that no matter where you come from... whether you have money... if you are a guy or a girl.... if you are a gay dad like me... anyone can come here and have the drive and succeed." He added, "You just have to want it. You have to be just fearless. I know that it’s gonna be crazy and I’m just gonna keep holding on even if I’ve got only one arm." Matthew suddenly falls from the rocky cliff beside the shore.

'Survivor' Season 44 will premiere on March 1 at 8 pm ET/PT on CBS.