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'Survivor' Season 41: LGBTQIA+ representation has fans saying 'loving the new era'

Social media users showered praise on CBS for having many contestants from the LGBTQIA+ community on 'Survivor' Season 41
UPDATED SEP 23, 2021
Genie Chen, Ricard Foye and Evvie Jagoda in 'Survivor' Season 41 (CBS)
Genie Chen, Ricard Foye and Evvie Jagoda in 'Survivor' Season 41 (CBS)

There have been a lot of debates about the representation of the people from the LGBTQIA+ community in reality shows and fans often wonder why networks do not call people from the aforementioned group for participation. Breaking the stereotypes, CBS’ reality TV show ‘Survivor’ has literally heard the fans and given them what they wanted.

Season 41 of ‘Survivor’ features three contestants from the LGBTQIA+ community and they all will be competing to get their hands on the prize money. Contestants such as Genie Chen (Green Tribe), Evvie Jagoda (Yellow Tribe), and Ricard Foye(Green Tribe) belong to the LGBTQIA+ community. Chen’s story literally made everyone emotional as she comes from an orthodox family, but when she told about her partner to her mother, she gave her a ring and told her to give it to her partner.


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Meanwhile, Ricard and Evvie put their case forward on how the phrase “guys” from Jeff Probst’s “come on in, guys” should be omitted because it doesn’t represent them. Probst felt that they were right in saying that and changed the quote to “come on in”.

Fans were really happy to see such representation on the show and flooded social media with love messages. One user said, “Watching the s41 premiere of survivor and it’s not only super awesome that it’s back but it’s also really nice to see all of the queer representation. Also, Jeff Probst is a national treasure.”

“Queer representation, interracial love, and acknowledging different abilities I’m proud of,” another user shared. “Representation matters and @survivorcbs is doing a bang-up job on that front this season,” another user noted. “The amount of LGBTQ representation on #Survivor this season is so amazing to see. I’m genuinely overwhelmed at seeing myself represented on one of my favorite shows.”




Another user opined, “Representation of pregnant men, even by mention, is so amazing to see on such a big show. I’m loving the new era of #Survivor.” Meanwhile, one of the fans said, “This is a more queer rep in a single episode than there has been in some whole seasons. There is actual diversity of age and race. I'm so glad the diversity mandate is more than just talk.”

“Multiple queer women on survivor, I feel seen,” a fan said.




As far as the game is concerned, we saw Abraham (Yellow tribe) and Sara (Green tribe) getting eliminated from the show. Blue tribe won the immunity task and none of their players got booted out of the show. However, the pressure is building quite quickly here because the mind games have already started and contestants will do anything to win the top prize.

‘Survivor’ Season 41 returns on CBS with a new episode every Wednesday at 8 pm EST.