'Survivor, Edge of Extinction': Keith Sowell's incompetence gets him eliminated, will he join Reem Daly on Extinction Island?

'Survivor, Edge of Extinction': Keith Sowell's incompetence gets him eliminated, will he join Reem Daly on Extinction Island?

The second episode of ‘Survivor: Edge of Extinction’ had us gagging with all the blindsiding plans and idol searching within the Manu tribe. Yet another tribe member was eliminated, and unbeknownst to the remaining players of Manu, the eliminated contestants have the opportunity to stay in the game by testing their emotional and physical limits on Extinction Island.

Reem Daly, eliminated after the first tribal council, has been living alone on the island, and has been considering giving up and leaving for home. It is purely natural for her to feel despondent after living alone with barely any food supplies, especially since she feels rejected by her tribe, and was accused of being a nag. However, she may be getting company soon.

Keith Sowell, the mastermind that put the first target on Reem's back in episode 1, may be heading to Extinction Island, and although he seemed very confused by the choice of whether to stay on in the game or leave for good, we believe he is going to grab that torch and fight his way back in. Truth be told, Sowell hasn't had the best game on the show. Barely two minutes into the game he nearly drowned, and has been under-performing in challenges ever since. 

Episode 2, 'One of Us is Going to Win the War,' was a testament to how poor a player Sowell is in the challenges aspect of 'Survivor.' In terms of social game, he more or less succeeded in the first episode by turning the tribe against Daly, who he claimed is a maternal figure to him. While Daly may be unaware, he planted the seed for voting her out, she may have figured out that one of the votes that got her kicked out of Manu, may have come from him. 

It will be interesting to see how this duo survives on Extinction Island. Daly is disillusioned with her entire tribe at the moment, but Sowell has the charm and an innocent-looking face to reel her back on to his side. The former tribemates could come up with an alliance that could save them in the near future. Having seen Sowell's gameplan though, it may not be in Daly's best interest to take her ex-tribemate at face value. Hopefully, she has learned his lesson after the first elimination.

Meanwhile, things at their former tribe Manu seem to be turning into chaos, with no one trusting each other. It's each man for himself, but Lauren O'Connell has found an immunity idol, which no one knows about, which gives her a leg-up in the game. 


The team, however, is divided into two - one backing David Wright and the other backing Kelley Wentworth. Both the returning players have realized there is a huge target on their backs, which is forcing them both to project the other as the next obvious blindside victim. 

It remains to be seen how the cookie crumbles, but season 38 has really upped the ante, and we sure want to see how those living on Extinction Island will exact their revenge on the tribe members that ousted them. 

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