'Supernatural' Series Finale Ending: Fans say they will 'pretend that never happened', demand 'Destiel spinoff'

From screaming about main characters dying to a party city wig that just did not suit grandpa Sam Winchester — there was more than just one thing wrong with the finale

                            'Supernatural' Series Finale Ending: Fans say they will 'pretend that never happened', demand 'Destiel spinoff'
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Spoilers for 'Supernatural' Season 15 Episode 20: 'Carry On'

It's a tragic, bittersweet ay in the supernatural fandom. The CW show wrapped after 15 long and strong years, and the ending was nothing like what fans could have seen coming, even in their wildest dreams. It was, in fact, so outrageous, that fans are now saying they are going to pretend it never happened.

There were some pivotal elements fans were looking forward to in the series finale. For starters, of course, Cas being back from the dead, now that Jack had become the new God. Soon the Destiel reunion would follow and eventually an epilogue where all three live happily ever after, with Sam probably being the only one who goes on to have a family with wife and kids.

Well, that last bit of the dream did come true for fans, but for a heavy, lonesome price. Dean died from a rusty nail, Cas did not come back, and Sam grew old without any of the people he had loved for at least these 15 significant years of his life. He gets married to a woman who is definitely not Eileen — another bummer for fans — and goes on to have a son whom he names Dean, of course.

Then, at old age, wearing a battered insane looking wig, Sam dies to be finally rejoined with the brothers he was so nestled around. It's bittersweet, and somewhat offering closure too because Sam is any day a better option to be left behind than Dean. But the tears and the oft lonely Sam got to fans, who just couldn't take any bit of this finale anymore.

Taking it to Twitter, a fan wrote: "CAN YOU PLEASE TAKE MY HEART I DONT NEED IT ANYMORE THIS HURTS SO MYCH." Another pointed out flaws in the ending, asking "Ok ...didn't Jack leave Sam & Dean behind to lead a "real" life without having to hunt anymore? So why in the heck were they hunting in the #SupernaturalFinale anyway? That ending was ridiculous and didn't match up with the storyline at all! "














A third fan pointed out the biggest problem of all: "ALSO THEY MARRIED SAM OFF TO A RANDOM PERSON WHO WE NEVER SAW AND WAS NEVER GIVEN A F**KING NAME." In the end, fans couldn't believe "the cast and crew REALLY hyped that up.....and for what? dean to die young? sam to have a party city wig? cas to not even make one single appearance? where even was eileen."

No wonder this fan shared: "So imma pretend that never happened, um Sam, Dean, Cas and Jack i love you. i’m sorry, you deserved a better ending." Others took the humorous way out, and wrote: "dean & cas got done so DIRTYYY; but the worst part was sam’s wig" 

And some absolutely livid fans went on a full blast at the showrunners and writers, asking: "what in the hell made y'all think the ending we wanted was dean dying early, sam raising some family alone, and then them re-joining in heaven?? i thought we all agreed we wanted them to go on living, but more peacefully?? why are we promoting death."

Suggesting an alternative, one even wrote: "Honestly kill Sam right now so everyone can be together if they leave Sam all alone in the world I'm suing make Cass go to heaven and have a happy life with dean or make another 5 seasons or a spin off called "Destiel"."

'Supernatural' Season 15 Episode 20 aired on November 19 at 9 pm on The CW.

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