'Supernatural' Finale: How does Dean Winchester die? Fans rage over 'stupid, anti-climactic death'

'No, Cas isn't back. Not, Dean isn't alive either. Should be some sort of win for Destiel shippers!' a fan wrote

                            'Supernatural' Finale: How does Dean Winchester die? Fans rage over 'stupid, anti-climactic death'
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Spoilers for Series Finale Season 15 Episode 20: 'Carry On'

"But they can't just kill Dean off like that, right?" was probably the most common sentiment in the 'Supernatural' fandom as the 15-year-long show aired its series finale tonight. After taking away Castiel for good, being accused of homophobia, replacing Cas with a dog, and almost killing off Jack, The CW show decided it was a nice time to kill off yet another central character - none other than Dean Winchester himself.

It's been a popular trend with TV show to sacrifice their biggest USP in terms of characters for the endgame finale shock value, but to kill Dean with a rusty nail? Does he really deserve to go out like that after all that he has done and hunted and given to hardcore fans of the character for over a decade? Fans believe he definitely deserved better, and are ready to scream into the void over the way his arc wrapped.

The episode kicks off in the aftermath of Dean and Sam defeating Chuck and Billie and resuming their old hunting life, this time accompanied by Miracle, the dog, whom fans claim to be the new Cas-substitute for the duo. The Winchester brothers go out to hunt some vampires and after a whopping 40 minutes, the show thinks taking Dean out with not a monstrous supernatural entity, but a puny rusty nail was a good way to offer closure to the character. And that just did not sit well with fans.

The initial reactions were those of absolute shock at watching Dean die. Taking it to Twitter, a fan wrote: "Dean Winchester did not die like that. he did not. what the fuclk". Soon others chimed in "ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!?!?!?! I CAN'T BELIEVE AFTER 15 YEARS THATS HOW DEAN DIES!" A third one shared: "This is the most evil episode ever. After all that? I don’t care what’s next for him; Dean deserved better than this."







The other big complaint was the lack of a proper send-off as it looked like Sam would continue hunting, and picked up immediately when and where Dean left off. "what the fuck is this episode LIKE FINE (no i’m not fine with this) DEAN DIED BUT U STILL HABE FRIENDS ALIVE GIVE HIM A SEND-OFF," yelled a fan at the episode. Another broke down writing: "i’m sobbing i logged into twitter just to say i hate this show and i’m never recovering if they don’t bring both dean and cas back holy shit" The majority however partook, as pointing by a fan in expressing their frustrated agony, as it was "time to yell into the void over the stupid, anti-climactic death of dean Winchester."

'Supernatural' Season 15 Episode 20 airs on November 20 at 9 pm on The CW.

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