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'Supernatural' Season 15 Episode 15: Jack reveals his inevitable fate to Cas, devastated fans demand 'spinoff'

All the way in Missouri, bonding over yet another monstrous murder, Jack finally tells Castiel the inevitable fate he will have to suffer, and fans fall apart
(The CW)
(The CW)

Spoilers for Season 15 Episode 15

It was a sad day for the 'Supernatural' fandom. While we were beyond thrilled to finally have Castiel back for an episode that saw the most of him bonding with Jack on a murder mission as Dean and Sam chased Amara in Atlantic City, there was some tragedy foreshadowing Jack's inevitable fate. And the fandom did not take it well, to put it mildly.

It all began with Jack and Cas hunting down a religious murderer — a human monster if you will, and in the journey, the father-son duo got chatting about social media while Agents Swift and Lovato got on the case of the murders in Missouri. They went from suspecting a demon to zeroing in on a human and finally figuring out that the church community that was being targeted had an impostor in their midst.

When the murderer was finally busted and the true motives were laid down, Jack couldn't hold back his truth from Castiel anymore. Back on their drive home from Missouri, Jack ends up telling Castiel that when he does kill Chuck and Amara, Billie's spell will propel him to die too. Things got really emotional with Castiel saying he won't watch Jack dying again as he already had to, once, and Jack reminded him it wasn't his choice.

This coming after Castiel's sweet speech of finding his faith again when he became a father was really too much. He requests Castiel to keep the secret, and of course, Castiel can't hold it in for longer than 10 minutes, jumping the gun the moment Dean and Sam come back, but all of this got too heavy and emotional for fans. 


Taking it to Twitter, a fan asking "DO YOU ENJOY THIS?", sharing an angry photo of Steve Carell as Michael Scott from NBC's 'The Office', with the subtitle 'Do you think that making me cry is cool?' Another fan left tormented with the realization "So if Jack dies in the end, then Castiel’s deal with The Empty was all for nothing...." expressed themselves with a gif of Dean breaking down into tears.

A fan was crushed by "the fact that jack was the only character we were sure who wasn't gonna die and now his life is threatened as well," as they shared on Twitter. One fan just screamed their way to all-caps glory sharing how "CASTIEL'S FACE WHEN JACK WAS TELLING HIM THAT HE WILL DIE TOO BECAUSE OF THE SPELL AND JACK TRYING TO COMFORT CAS JUST DESTROYED ME"





All of this spurred fans to look for coping mechanisms to deal with the reality of Jack's fate. In the end, the fact that Castiel was so understanding and supportive of him had a fan claiming "y'know what, Cas and Jack spin-off? I'd watch that."

'Supernatural' airs on Thursdays at 8 pm on The CW.