'Supernatural' Season 15 Episode 15: Will Castiel die? Fans warn the show's 'writers will never see heaven'

'Supernatural' Season 15 Episode 15: Will Castiel die? Fans warn the show's 'writers will never see heaven'
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'Supernatural' has just been back for two weeks in the final segment of the show and it's already pulling out the big guns when it comes to foreshadowing character deaths at the end of Season 15. Episode 15 brought back fan-favorite angel Castiel (Misha Collins) and he teamed up with the new favorite Jack Kline (Alexander Calvert) to solve a murder mystery in Missouri, while the other two dads Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) hunted down Amara (Emily Swallow) to confront her about God's eventual plan for the. It is however in the final minutes of the episode that things got very emotionally heavy with Jack finally telling Castiel his inevitable fate for when he kills Chuck (Rob Benedict) and Amara. That propels Castiel to take some action that has fans worried that he was brought back... only to be killed off.

As Jack and Cas return from solving their Missouri murder case, the son tells the father that because of his deal with Billie (Lisa Berry), he will inevitably die when he finally ends up killing chuck and Amara. That fate is inescapable. Cas tells Jack he won't watch him die again but Jack reminds him it's not his choice. Helpless, Cas decides to head out to find another way even though he had just returned from fronting the Empty.

Cas is seen leaving right when Dean and Sam return, and he tells them about Jack's fate, even though the kids had specifically asked him not to. Cas spills he's leaving to find "another way" and if he doesn't return, he thought the Winchester brothers should know about this tragedy. This last bit, with Cas uncertain about his return, has fans worried that he will sacrifice his life for Jack. 


Taking it to Twitter, a fan wrote: "As much as i like jack, if cas sacrifices himself to save him or something even remotely similar to that...... the writers will never see heaven."


Matching energies, another very angry fan warned the show "Cas is going to die so Jack wouldn't. Stop making him f*cking self-sacrificing tool. You gave him a speech about faith and family and then in ten minutes took everything from him. You suck."


"Cas is really doing everything in his power to save jack and his family i wanna cry who's gonna save him," sobbed another fan on the social media platform.


Trying to be a pacifist, a fan attempted to share the bleak but still brighter side of things. "Did anyone else realise that if they don’t fix this then Sam and Dean will lose Cas AND Jack... and that’s why Cas is going to try find a solution because he doesn’t want Jack to die but also because he doesn’t want the boys to lose Jack as well as him," they tweeted. 


But in the end, the fandom wasn't ready to listen. They believe both Jack and Cas have been through so much, they deserve to be happy, as a fan wrote: "If Jack wants to kill Chuck and Amara, he has to die too and Cas wants to sacrifice himself for Jack, I won't accept none of these possibilities!! They've been both through so much and they don't f**king deserve it, LET THEM BE HAPPY PLEASE"

'Supernatural' Season 15 airs on Thursdays at 8pm only on The CW.

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