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'Supernatural' Spoilers: Did Dean and Castiel get married? Here's why Valentine's Day sparked wedding theories

'Supernatural' fans started to share what would the wedding between Dean and Castiel look like and the results were amazing
UPDATED FEB 15, 2021
Misha Collins as Castiel and Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester in 'Supernatural' (The CW)
Misha Collins as Castiel and Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester in 'Supernatural' (The CW)

‘Supernatural’ is undoubtedly one of the best shows of this generation and has given many enthralling sequences throughout its run. For the uninitiated, the series tells the story of Sam Winchester (Jared Padalecki) and Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) as they hunt demons, ghosts, monsters and other supernatural beings. The show ran for 15 seasons and became one of the most popular shows on earth.

Apart from thrilling sequences, the show also had a lot of emotional and endearing moments between the characters. However, the relationship between Dean and Castiel, a powerful angel of the Lord played by Misha Collins, was something that people adored the most. People urged the creators that they should involve both characters in a romantic relationship.


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Although fans did not get what they wanted, there were many moments that made them believe that Dean and Cas did have feelings for each other. To mark the occasion of Valentine’s Day, some ardent fans of Dean and Cas flooded social media with posts reminiscing the on-screen relationship between the characters and imagined what it would be like if they had a wedding.

Before we get into the specifics, let’s take a look at some of the moments that made their relationship so amazing.


Dean was always the main character of the show and garnered a lot of attention from fans. According to the character, his brother Sam dragged him out of hell and brought him back. However, at the beginning of Season 4, people learn that Castiel was the one who brought Dean back from hell and resurrected him.

This was the moment when everyone realized the two were destined for a meaningful and deep friendship.

Castiel and Dean (The CW)

In the fourth episode of the same season, Dean gave Castiel his nickname "Cass" when telling Sam how he knows of his powers. Meanwhile, in Season 6, Castiel admitted that he cares about their friendship. When Dean was having a lot of trouble trusting Castiel, he proved that he would always be there for him. He said: “Dean, I do everything that you ask. I always come when you call. And I am your friend.”

In Season 8, their relationship became even stronger when Dean refused to abandon Cass in Purgatory after defeating the Leviathans. In the particular episode, Castiel was unable to help Dean in escaping the Purgatory and knew that many souls trapped in there were after him. Even after knowing that his life was in danger, Dean did not leave him behind and gave fans one more reason to love the duo. 


However, in the 18th episode of the final season, Castiel was killed after confessing his love for Dean. To quickly summarize what happened during the episode, Castiel makes a deal with The Entity to allow him to live his life until he is truly happy. However, things don't go as planned. Castiel feels that there is a possibility of being killed alongside Dean. Castiel takes his own life and reveals his true feelings for Dean, ultimately reaching the “truest moment of happiness".

He says: “I never found an answer because the one thing I want is something I know I can’t have. But I think I know now happiness isn’t in the having. It’s in just being. Knowing you has changed me. Because you cared, I cared. I cared about the whole world because of you. You changed me, Dean.” Dean asked Cass why it sounded like a goodbye and he replied, “It is. I love you. Goodbye, Dean.”


Fans were gutted when Castiel died because they believed that he finally confessed his feelings toward Dean and the makers killed the character. And no amount of single man-tears is going to make up for it. Meanwhile, others thought that he loved him as a friend. However, most of the fans still believe that Castiel loved Dean, and to mark the season of love, they took over social media to tell the world how the couple would look if they got married.

#DeanCasWedding trends on Valentine’s Day

Fans started a hashtag “#DeanCasWedding” on Twitter and called others to tell how would they like to see the couple at their wedding. One of the users uploaded a couple of photos of stylish men’s suit and noted that this is the kind of attire the duo would wear on their marriage day. She wrote: “They look stunning. I’, really trying not to cry right now. #DeanCasWedding.”

Meanwhile, another social media user believed that “#DeanCasWedding” is the “purest” thing that ‘Supernatural’ fandom has done in a while and wrote: “I think the #DeanCasWedding is one of the purest things fandom has done in a while and I’m totally here for it. Cheers.” One ardent fan said, "dean and cas making individual thank you vids for all the gifts they got at #DeanCasWedding." Another said, "they're each other's huckleberry #DeanCasWedding."

Another fan said, "Sometimes a fandom takes their pain and they make it into a beautiful joyous celebration of love and I just have a lot of feelings #DeanCasWedding." One said, "The wedding photo that goes up on their mantle above the fireplace. #DeanCasWedding #TheirLoveWasReal."