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'Supernatural': Dean Winchester trends as Destiel goes canon a third time with leaked script after grim finale

The script that made Destiel canon from Season 15 Episode 18 'Despair' was leaked with the line, 'Still beautiful. Still Dean Winchester', from Cas' POV
(The CW)
(The CW)

Weeks after 'Supernatural' aired its final episode, the show's fandom is still making waves on Twitter for Destiel — the "ship" name for a romantic attraction between hunter Dean Winchester and angel Castiel, introduced in Season 4. Destiel was declared canon for the first time after the series' Season 15 Episode 18 'Despair' aired.

In this episode, right at the end, Castiel tells Dean "I love you" before getting sucked into the empty. Destiel fans were upset that Dean did not say "I love you" back and that the Destiel canon was a one-way, unrequited love connection. Other fans also argued that Destiel was not in fact canon because Castiel's love could be platonic.

However, Destiel became canon a second time after a "rogue translator" for the Spanish dub version of the episode made Destiel fans' dreams come true. In the Spanish dub, Dean actually says "And I, you," back, making a two-way attraction canon before Cas is swallowed by the Empty — even if it was only in Spanish. 

Destiel went canon a third time after a leaked script on December 11 from the episode showed the lines from the script from Castiel's perspective. In the script, it says: "we see Cass's POV of Dean again — his face drawn, drained of hope. But still beautiful. Still Dean Winchester."

Several fans tweeted the script page saying that Destiel had officially gone canon the third time since this confirms that Castiel did not love Dean platonically but romantically since these lines are essential for the actor Misha Collins, playing the part of Castiel, about how to emote for the scene.


Others wanted to know the authenticity of this leaked script since it included the mention of the "bloody palm". Richard Speight Jr, who directed the episode, had earlier revealed that the bloody handprint was a spur of the moment input by Misha Collins.

The tweets of Adam Williams, a VFX Coordinator on 'Supernatural', certainly suggests the script is genuine, though there is no confirmation from The CW or Warner Bros. Williams wrote in a tweet: "SPN hired fans, someone stole a script, blah blah shocker. Looks like a draft that was in Prod Office by the watermark. People's names are on their own copies. Even after Prod left the studio a fan with the tattoo was there for tear down. Amazed more sh*t wasn't leaked or stolen." 


This was enough confirmation for the phrase "Still Dean Winchester" and "Dean Winchester" to start trending. One fan wrote: "CAN’T BELIEVE 'STILL BEAUTIFUL STILL DEAN WINCHESTER' IS AN ACTUAL LINE IN AN ACTUAL SCRIPT... DEANCAS CANON PT 3??". Meanwhile, Williams, after confirming the script being genuine, started debating fans about Dean Winchester's sexuality — about whether he liked "tacos" too much to be a "d-man"



The unfolding chaos was accurately described by one Twitter user who said: "some oomfs are fighting bi bros, some are yelling to delete the full script, some are saying 'still beautiful. still dean winchester' over and over again and dean rps are fighting the adam dude what is happening?". 

Another fan was just happy screenshotting the exact moment in the episode when Cas looked over to see Dean's anxious face and thought he was beautiful, quoting the lines from the script with the visuals: 'Light sparks again. Dean's face illuminated. Drawn, drained of hope. But still beautiful. Still Dean Winchester.' That's it. That's the exact moment."



However, some non-fans and also 'Supernatural' fans who had dealt with the show ending and just wanted to move on were tired of the SPN fandom's never-ending Twitter drama. Just like how its lead characters have died and come back to life several times, 'Supernatural' is fast gaining the reputation for being the show that will never die — at least in the hearts of fans.

One Twitter user screenshotted and posted a bearded, exhausted Ben Affleck picture to show how they were feeling, saying: "non spn stans when they see still dean winchester trending bc wtf has happened now on supernatural, a show that ended weeks ago". Another tweet said sarcastically: "S16 of spn: the end has no end and there is no fcking peace when it is done", referencing the signature 'Wayward Son' song by Kansas that is the show's signature finale tune, played at the start of every one of the 15 finales aired.



Now we just have to wait and see what will make Destiel canon for the fourth time or whether this script "leak" is even real. All 'Supernatural' episodes are available on 'Netflix' including the final Season 15.