'Supernatural': Why even after 300 episodes fans still tune in to see Sam and Dean Winchester in action

If you wonder what has kept fans returning to Supernatural episode after episode, season after season then the answer is very obvious: family.  

                            'Supernatural': Why even after 300 episodes fans still tune in to see Sam and Dean Winchester in action

As diehard fans of ‘Supernatural,’ most of us have grown up with Sam and Dean Winchester over the last fourteen years, and now with the thirteenth episode of the current season fast approaching, there is a monumental landmark to remind us for just how long we have loved this show. Season 14 episode 13 of ‘Supernatural’ also marks the 300th episode of The CW show, and with this moment just around the corner, one can’t help but wonder what has kept us returning to this show episode after episode, season after season then the answer is very obvious: family.  

Critics have accused the show of churning out similar content over the years and having really stretched the realm of supernatural, having sent either or both of the Winchesters to hell, heaven, purgatory, the Veil and even an alternate universe. However, us fans, have stuck with the hunter brothers from their 20s to now family men and, which reinstates the idea of family that the show has instilled.  

The SPN family, as expansive and widespread as it is, has a very strong bond of friendship and they are united in their love for the show. More importantly, the families of the stars of the show, Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, have also been shaped by their time on this show. Both actors have chosen to focus on ‘Supernatural’ rather than chase after the big Hollywood dream, even settling down with their families in their home state, commuting between Austin and Vancouver, where they shoot the show.  



For Jared especially, ‘Supernatural’ has truly shaped his family, having met his wife on the show. For the uninitiated, Genevieve Padalecki used to play the demon Ruby and shared many a scene with Jared before they fell in love and got married. If you take a look at either of their Instagram feeds, it is evident just how close they are to Jensen and his wife Danneel Ackles, who has since been officially inducted into the SPN family when she took on the role of sister Jo in season 13. 

Jensen and Jared have been explicit about their love for each other, and the foursome takes vacations together, while it is common for Danneel and Genevieve to work out and generally hang out together whenever they get the opportunity. This friendship has been inherited by the next generation too, with the parents already looking at Jensen’s daughter JJ and Jared’s son Tom as the future power couple. JJ and Tom go to the same school and call each other’s parents variations of mom and dad, but most importantly they already have fan sites dedicated to their friendship. 

This large friend family also translates to Misha Collins who plays Castiel, and oftentimes Rob Benedict, who plays Chuck aka God along with Richard Speight Jr., who plays the trickster Archangel Gabriel. Every actor who has had a recurring role finds a spot in the ever-expanding Supernatural family on and off screen. As fans, we love to see this pure form of love that translates beautifully on screen as well.  



If you have had the good fortune of attending a ‘Supernatural’ chat session you know how the stars make you feel like a part of the gang. They are patient and regale you with all the behind the scenes stories or even those about their wives and children, like that one time Tom started crying because he could not find his Unca Jensen. If you haven’t attended one in person then you have felt it emanating through the YouTube screen. 

Even creators have explicitly admitted, the enthusiasm they have for making fan theories come true and that they keep making this show for the fans who have fallen in love with the people and the universe that they have created. So, the next time a critic asks you what is keeping you around, tell them it is love and family and familiarity that keeps us hardcore ‘Supernatural’ fans keep coming back for more.