Super Junior's Kangin officially announces departure from group of 14 years following outrage from fans

Super Junior's Kangin officially announces departure from group of 14 years following outrage from fans

Super Junior's Kangin returned to Instagram on July 11, 2019, for the first time in roughly eight months – to announce his departure from the group.

In a long apology and statement, Kangin wrote:

"Hello. This is Kangin. It's really been a long time since I've delivered news to you all. My heart is heavy as the news I have is not good news, but after a long debate, I am writing to you.

As of this moment, I plan to let go of the name 'Super Junior', a name I had for a very long time.

I've always felt nothing but feelings of apology toward my members.

I've always felt that I needed to come to this decision as soon as possible, but due to the kind hearts of those who cheer me on unchangingly as well as my label's staff despite my faults, I was not able to summon the courage, and I also felt that I was not in a situation where I could decide anything blindly on my own.

However, due to my own problems, I had to watch my members suffer misfortunes that they should not have had to face, and I've come to the decision that I cannot delay it any longer. More than anything, I am full of apology toward E.L.F for the excessive love that you always sent me for the past 14 years.


This may be too late, but even as I let go of the name 'Super Junior' and begin walking on my own, I will always remember these feelings of gratitude and apology. 

I want to sincerely say thank you to my members and my label's staff for respecting me until the end. I will cheer for the success of Super Junior forever. Thank you."



It was in 2005 that Kangin took the stage as an original member of the group Super Juinor. He has been, however, on the bench since November of 2017 for his alleged involvement in physically assaulting his girlfriend in a drunken state. 

Earlier this month, it was widely reported that fans were unhappy with Super Junior and announced boycotting the group till Kangin (and another member Sungmin) officially quit.


"We demand Kangin and Sungmin's departure... Kangin and Sungmin damage Super Junior's image as a whole. Kangin and Sungmin's departure should no longer be delayed and we agreed there needs to be stronger action taken," Super Junior's fandom released an official statement insisting that the two controversial members officially depart from the group. "We announce to indefinitely boycott Super Junior and all members' activities until the agency release a clear statement."

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 Super Junior Kangin departure following fan outrage 14 years instagram post