'Super Crooks' Ending Explained: Kasey's illusion proves to be the ultimate trump card

Matts, aka The Bastard meets his ultimate match, as Kasey gets the best him while the Johnny and the crew rob him blind.

                            'Super Crooks' Ending Explained: Kasey's illusion proves to be the ultimate trump card
Kasey, voiced by Maaya Sakamoto (Japanese) in 'Super Crooks' (Netflix)

If you're a fan of 'Jupiter's Legacy' -- the comic book or the TV show, then 'Super Crooks' needs to be on your watchlist. Set in the same universe, the series synopsis reads -- "Luck's never been on their side, but this crew of small-time crooks with super powers recruited by none other than Johnny Bolt are rolling the dice on one last heist. Their target: A ruthless super-powered crime boss.... What can go wrong?"

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The mission to recover Count Orlok's helmet was deemed a success; the crew found themselves in Romania and celebrated their heist. However, during their rather lucky escape, Carmine disclosed their headquarters by telling Ghost to transport them to Black Rock, which the Praetorian heard. With Matts in tow, they show up at Black, paralyzing the team and killing Orlok. Matts makes off with the money, leaving the team with nothing at all. Broken, each of them decides to go their ways, with Johnny and Kasey ultimately agreeing to start their lives with or without the money.

They plan an impromptu wedding, only to for Johnny to take on a harebrained job with his old crew. They ultimately get caught by The Gladiator and Praetorian.
Johnny ends up back at Supermax, while his relationship with Kasey crumbles as he is a no show at their wedding. Fast forward five years into the future and Johnny is finally out. He tries to reconcile with Kasey, who dropped out of MBA school due to a lecherous professor and now works at a diner. While the problems between them continue, they manage to brush their differences aside when they realize that Carmine has a $100 million debt, after he tried to cheat at the Salamander's casino. With Carmine's life on the line, Johnny claims he has intel for one last heist and manages to round up the crew even though they are reluctant to take it on.

But seeing that it is Carmine's life on the line, they decide to come together. Johnny then recruits the final piece -- The Gladiator, who he blackmails into joining the group. Although the hero has a wife and a family, he is secretly gay, and Johnny even finds out that he had a relationship with a villain and frequents dating apps to meet men. With a few questionable photographs, Johnny lures him to join the team with the promise that he can destroy his former friend, Praetorian, to tarnish the hero name and ensure that the images and blackmail data would be erased. With a plan in motion, the group sets out to locate a space case housing all of Matts fortune hidden deep within his mansion on an island in Japan. However, as the crew breaks in, Kasey informs Johnny over the phone that she has had enough and won't be a part of the mission.

However, just as she is about to leave, Matts and Praetorian take her hostage. While the crew barely manages to secure the space case, Matts infiltrates Kasey's mind and realizes that he is being robbed. The Praetorian quickly intercepts the crew and nearly beats them to death until he goes toe to toe with The Gladiator. Matts proceeds to murder Kasey by blowing her head off. Thinking he has won, he soon realizes that Kasey had him trapped in an illusion all the while, as the crew successfully escapes. The final piece of Johnny's plan is to mail his long-time friend a photo he and the crew took during the heist, dressed as Salamander's crew.

Enraged, Matts vows to get revenge and thinks it was his own successor, The Salamander, who robbed him; Matts proceeds to kill him. Meanwhile, Johnny and the team part ways and live out the lives they've dreamed of -- Carmine continues to gamble and live an easy life, Roddy begins working on an actual time machine, Samuel blows his cash on women, Forcast invests in space tech, TK and his family travel across Asia, the Ghost buys half of Greece during its financial crisis, the Gladiator comes out on his own terms and finally, Kasey and Johnny decide to get married. 

'Super Crooks' premieres on Netflix on November 25, 2021.

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