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Super Bowl LVI: Fans say Arnold Schwarzenegger's ZEUS BMW ad is winning the commercial game

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Salma Hayek's BMW ad as Zeus and Hera is currently the best Super Bowl ad, according to viewers
UPDATED FEB 14, 2022
Arnold Scwarzenegger and Salma Hayek as Zeus and Hera in BMW Super Bowl LVI Commerical (NBC/BMW)
Arnold Scwarzenegger and Salma Hayek as Zeus and Hera in BMW Super Bowl LVI Commerical (NBC/BMW)

As soon as the Super Bowl weekend arrives, fans get ready to support their favorite teams and root for them by wearing their jerseys while watching the game. Another thing that makes Super Bowl so amazing is the commercials that are broadcasted during the breaks.Who can forget the Doritos and Mountain Dew Ice commercial that saw Peter Dinklage and Morgan Freeman rapping for the first time ever.

This year was no different and Super Bowl LVI also saw some really amazing advertisements during the breaks. One of the ads that nabbed all the attention was Arnold Schwarzenegger and Salma Hayek’s BMW ad. A few days ago Arnold shared a photo of himself as the Greek God Zeus in what looked like a movie poster on Instagram. Everyone was really confused if the veteran actor was able to keep the movie and his role under wraps. So, we regret to inform you that Arnold’s ZEUS project is actually BMW Super Bowl Commercial.


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The commercial sees the ‘The Terminator’ star playing Zeus while Hayek played the queen of gods, Hera. They have taken retirement from their duties and moved from Mount Olympus to Palm Springs. However, it’s not easy for Zeus to adapt to the new conditions as he finds himself having to use his lightning powers over and over again to help their new friends and neighbors. Seeing Zeus’s frustration, Hayek’s Hera introduces him to his new car: BMW iX. Known as “the ultimate electric driving machine”, the newest BMW vehicle won’t require any jumpstarts from a lightning bolt. As soon as the ad surfaced online, fans did not waste any time in saying that the BMW commercial has won the Super Bowl commercial game.

One of the fans wrote, “So far, BMW is winning the Super Bowl commercial game.” Another fan wrote, “That @BMW commercial with Arnold and Salma was pretty cool. And it’s not just because there’s an 80s song in it.”



Meanwhile, one of the fans wrote, “Arnold is winning the commercial so far. #SuperBowl.” Another user said, “Super Bowl ads have been beyond disappointing when I have to say I actually didn’t mind the Arnold Zeus one.



One of the fans wrote that Hollywood should make a movie about Arnold as a retired god. “Damn, it was a car commercial, but they should just make that movie. Arnold Schwarzenegger as a retired god? COME ON!!!


Well, we would love to Arnold and Salma together as Zeus and Hera in a movie. We hope someone notices what fans want.