'You don't see everything': 'Summer House' star Sam Feher reacts to backlash over Josh Popper and Madonna dating rumors

'You don't see everything': 'Summer House' star Sam Feher reacts to backlash over Josh Popper and Madonna dating rumors
'Summer House' star Sam Feher (L )addresses criticism amidst Madonna-Josh Popper hooking-up rumors (Instagram/@samanthafeher, Instagram/@_joshpopper)

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: Following rumors of a romance between her ex-flame Josh Popper and Madonna, 'Summer House' newcomer Sam Feher is addressing criticism over her treatment of Popper. Feher had introduced Popper to her housemates during a group hangout in the Hamptons, but soon realized she didn't have any romantic feelings for him. After spending a night together platonically, Feher went outside to tan while Popper sat alone by the front door. This has caused some viewers to take issue with Feher's behavior towards Popper, making her respond to the backlash.  


Under @bravohistorian's post about Madonna, aged 64, and Popper's rumored fling, a popular comment read, "Honestly? Good for him! The way Sam just had him sitting by the front door was......". In response to this criticism of her behavior towards Popper on the latest episode of the show, Feher stated, “don’t forget u don’t see everything!!”. Another user questioned, "Why was he sitting by the door by himself most of the episode?". However, some fans defended Feher by stating that Popper is a "grown man" who can choose where to sit.





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What's brewing between Madonna and Josh Pepper?

DailyMail has reported that the 64-year-old pop queen is in a romantic relationship with 29-year-old Josh Popper. Popper has been providing fitness training to one of Madonna's six children at his gym Bredwinners, located in New York City, according to sources cited by the outlet on Wednesday, 

Earlier this month, the singer was captured in a series of Instagram photos, cuddling up to her sparring partner. Popper also shared the same photo on his Instagram account, which included another image of himself, with his arm wrapped around Madonna, accompanied by three friends posing outside a boxing ring. Sources have reportedly confirmed to DailyMail.com that this public display of affection was not just for show and that Madonna and Popper have been romantically involved. But according to friends of the couple, the photographs of Madonna and Popper that were posted on their respective Instagram accounts, were simply intended to help Popper with his publicity and to promote his Bredwinners gym located in Manhattan.


Who is ‘Summer House’ boxing coach Josh Popper?

Aside from being a boxing instructor, Josh Popper is an upcoming fighter himself, with a 6'4" and 240lb heavyweight build. He is scheduled to participate in the semi-finals of the Ring Masters Tournament on March 3, 2023. Prior to his boxing career, Popper had been a talented defensive end for Rowan University with aspirations of making it to the NFL. After graduating in 2015, Popper had a brief stint with the Arizona Cardinals during training camp, but unfortunately, he didn't make it onto the team roster before the season began. He was later signed by the Indianapolis Colts but was eventually released from the team.

Popper has built a small following on social media as a boxing enthusiast, and he has also recently ventured into reality television. He is part of the latest season of Bravo's series 'Summer House', which follows a group of nine young, attractive friends living in a summer house in Montauk, East Hampton. On Monday night's episode, Popper was introduced as the boxing coach and love interest of new cast member Samantha Feher, but she later realizes they are not a match.

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 'Summer House' star Sam Feher reacts to backlash over Josh Popper and Madonna dating rumors