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'Summer House': Kyle Cooke tells Carl Radke to 'focus' on himself after split with Mackenzie

Kyle also advised Carl to take things slow and not rush back into the dating game
Kyle Cooke and Carl Radke from 'Summer House' (Instagram - @imkylecooke)
Kyle Cooke and Carl Radke from 'Summer House' (Instagram - @imkylecooke)

The recent episode of Season 6 of 'Summer House' saw Kyle Cooke giving relationship advice and watching out for his friend, Carl Radke, right after the latter admitted to breaking up with Mackenzie Dipman. We sure didn't see that coming. The irony here is just mind-boggling, isn't it?

While Kyle's personal life isn't always sunshine and rainbows, what with constantly having a tiff with Amanda Batula, trying to get her to agree to a prenup, and the lot, it sure took us by surprise when this scene unfurled. Kyle advised Carl, telling him that he should always put himself first, and "Focus on yourself, as it should be". He also advised him to take things slow and not rush back into the dating game. He remarked it was Carl's time to take control of his life and focus on what he wants and thinks is important. 


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Although it's a little shocking to see Kyle with the words of wisdom, it's safe to say that his heart is in the right place. Their friendship is quite wholesome and that is what fans are in awe of. All things said and done, everybody needs a friend like Kyle in their lives. 

Here's what fans have to say about the latest update on 'Summer House'. One fan said, "I love Kyle and Carl’s friendship #SummerHouse", while another shared, "I love how Kyle has to look up when talking to Carl.. #SummerHouse".

One fan tweeted, "#summerhouse not a Kyle fan, but I do love to see him support the hell out of Carl", while another said, "I love that Carl and Kyle are so close, so many beach heart to hearts haha @BravoTV #summerhouse".




One fan said, "I love Kyle and Carl's friendship. #SummerHouse", while another shared, "Carl putting himself first. #SummerHouse".



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