'Summer House': Angry fans slam Ciara for ruining Andrea's dinner

'Summer House': Angry fans slam Ciara for ruining Andrea's dinner
'Summer House' stars Ciara Miller and Andrea Denver (Bravo)

Living away from your home and family can be very lonely and hard, and nobody knows this better than 'Summer House' star Andrea Denver. The handsome Italian hunk was feeling homesick and missing his loved ones, so he decided to throw a dinner party for his 'Summer House' co-stars. Andrea was so determined to impress his friends that he personally cooked all the dishes for his guests.

Unfortunately, what was supposed to be a warm and comforting dinner party, turned out to be a heart-breaking nightmare for the Italian model. His fellow 'Summer house' star Ciara Miller decided to use the dinner party event as the venue to confront Lindsay Hubbard. Ciara wasn't pleased watching Lindsay and Austen Kroll getting closer by the day. Sadly for Ciara when she tried talking to Austen about her feelings for him, he dismissed her by making it very clear that he wasn't going to stop pursuing Lindsay. This left a bad taste in Ciara's mouth, but instead of letting Austen go, she decided to confront Lindsay at Andrea's party. 


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'Summer House' star Lindsay Hubbard (Bravo)


When Danielle Olivera came to Lindsay's defense, Ciara snapped and threw wine at her. Watching his guests behave so wildly and being disrespectful towards him, Andrea began crying. The poor host stepped away from the table and sat by himself crying away, while Ciara continued to create chaos. After watching Andrea get upset over his dinner party being ruined, fans began slamming Ciara for her 'immature' behavior. 

A fan tweeted, "Ciara ruining Andrea’s dinner is really pissing me off. Austin doesn’t want you let it go. Andrea cooked for them…. So tacky. #SummerHouse." "Ciara DID NOT just disrespect Andrea’s nice dinner he made for everyone like that. #SummerHouse," wrote a fan. "Tell me Ciara is not choosing Andrea’s beautiful dinner as ANOTHER HORRIBLE time to approach Lindsay about Austen. Last week she was painfully desperate & this week she is wildly immature. She’s behaving like a brat. Read the room. Andrea was in tears. #SummerHouse," pointed out a fan. "How could you ruin Andrea's beautiful dinner?! And, after Andrea opened his heart like that?! I'm off team Ciara. #SummerHouse," declared a fan.






'Summer House' star Andrea Denver (Bravo)


Many fans were also puzzled over Ciara picking a fight with Lindsay over a man that isn't interested in her. A fan shared, "A guy who looks like a thumb none the less, a thumb that looked her in the face and said “im not gonna stop making out w Lindsay”, and ciara still chose violence against the woman instead. I’m so embarrassed for her. Big loser behavior #SummerHouse." "I’m still trying to understand why Ciara is so upset over a muppet looking man who she had a two week fling with and then got ghosted by for months only to see him again when he showed up to the summer house for another girls birthday… #SummerHouse," observed a fan. "I have never been more embarrassed by anyone than ciara #SummerHouse," expressed a fan.





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