'Suits' season 9 episode 7: Harvey and Samantha accept defeat, Zane Specter Litt Wheeler Williams may not exist by time NBC series concludes

The upcoming season 9 Episode 7 of 'Suits' titled 'Scenic Route' will see a road trip featuring Harvey and Samantha.

                            'Suits' season 9 episode 7: Harvey and Samantha accept defeat, Zane Specter Litt Wheeler Williams may not exist by time NBC series concludes

Season 9 of ‘Suits’ has shown the firm and lawyers we love in a time of duress, and it has been hard to agree with their enemy that they needed to be kept in check. As much of a pain in the rear end Faye Richardson (Denise Crosby) has been for Zane Specter Litt Wheeler Williams, you best believe that if there's anyone with the courage, willpower, and grit to do it, it’s her.

In the most recently aired season 9 episode 6 we see that Samantha Wheeler’s (Katherine Heigl) firing is not taken lightly by anyone, and they are willing to do ‘Whatever it Takes’ to get her job back. However, with all the burns that the company as a whole and the partners individually have suffered, at least a few of them are thankfully thinking of repercussions, and in some ways also reconnecting with their moral values.

‘Whatever it Takes’ was a brilliant example of how Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht) has let quite a few of his decisions be influenced by his loyalty and guilt, rather than his integrity. However, thanks to Donna Paulsen’s (Sarah Rafferty) good sense he chose to not go after Faye to make things right with Samantha, and be a good friend to her instead.


In Samantha too, we see a subtle change yet again, when she gives up on her non-stop attempts at getting the job back, and instead prioritizing her family. She decides to visit her birth father, after telling Alex Williams (Dulé Hill) earlier this season, that finding her birth family is important to her. She is following through with it, and Harvey has agreed to give her company.

The upcoming season 9 Episode 7 will, in fact, see a road trip featuring the both of them. That sure is going to set things on a different pace, especially considering Samantha and Harvey are two people who do not know how to log off from their work.

Another uncharacteristic thing that Harvey agreed to do this week was to throw Louis Litt (Rick Hoffman) a baby shower. It is almost like each character is completing their series arcs, and it is beautiful to watch their journeys. With Louis learning to stand up for himself but realizing when he has gone too far, and Samantha and Harvey’s desire to enjoy life beyond work, ‘Suits’ is tying up the loose ends for all its characters with a nice little bow and we appreciate the writers for it.


However, does this also mean that Zane Specter Litt Wheeler Williams will no longer exist as we know it? After all, Louis may be off to bigger things, like a judgeship, and Samantha may be okay with not returning to the firm. With Harvey and Donna’s relationship flourishing, there may be a high possibility of them going the Rachel Zane (Meghan Markle) and Mike Ross’ (Patrick J Adams) route.

Well, it remains to be seen, so don’t forget to tune in to season 9 episode 7 of ‘Suits’ titled 'Scenic Route' on Wednesday, August 28 on NBC.

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