'Suits' season 9 episode 1 review: Donna-Harvey fans get their treat, Samantha proves she's a badass AGAIN and Louis continues to be clueless

'Suits' season 9 episode 1 review: Donna-Harvey fans get their treat, Samantha proves she's a badass AGAIN and Louis continues to be clueless

Spoilers for season 9 episode 1 of ‘Suits’ ahead

Every cult classic show has that one epic moment that they tease us with, one that they promise will happen soon, but is dangled until we nearly pull out hair out in frustration. And for ‘Suits,’ it is Donna (Sarah Rafferty) and Harvey (Gabriel Macht) finally realizing that they belong together. It happened in season 8 finale of ‘Suits’ but until season 9 premiered on Wednesday, July 17, we weren’t sure if the USA Network show would pull another “Oh my, what a dream!” move or if they would follow through.

Well, we are glad to note that they did in fact follow through, with Harvey finally admitting to Donna that he was a fool to not realize much earlier that he needed her in his life. We were in fact, treated to many tender Darvey moments, which included an unspoken agreement that this relationship is going to be forever.

While Samantha (Katherine Heigl) connected the dots earlier than Harvey and Donna would have preferred, Louis (Rick Hoffman) is clueless about them getting together – even though he saw Harvey in Donna’s home, wearing disheveled clothes; the same clothes he wore the previous day. However, Rachel (Meghan Markle) and Mike (Patrick J Adam) got the update as soon as the morning light hit Donna’s apartment.


Gabriel Macht, Dulé Hill, and Patrick J Adams in 'Suits' season 9 (Instagram)

Duchess Markle is definitely not returning for the final season, but it is quite lovely that her character is not forgotten. Her husband is making a comeback for the finale, and towards the end of the season 9 premiere episode, it is set up perfectly – Sundance Kid needs his Butch Cassidy (or vice versa).

We are certainly looking forward to Mike’s return, and appreciate everything that the firm is doing to stay afloat while respecting Robert Zane’s (Wendell Pierce) legacy – especially Samantha. Having been mentored by the debarred lawyer, she has a deep reverence for him and would leave the firm before taking his name down.

In the premiere episode, we see yet again why she is a badass. Not only does she not back down under pressure, but she refuses to let anyone and anything drive a wedge between her and her partners. She is physically strong, but would rather use her smarts to solve her problems. The nuances Heigl brings to the character, and her own conviction in Samantha’s actions is beautiful to watch.



The episode was the perfect gift for all ‘Suits’ fans, the OGs who know Markle as the no-nonsense paralegal. We got the Darvey moments we were waiting for, set up the stage for Mike's return, established Louis as the loyal friend, proved that Samantha is strong enough to carry the entire film on her shoulders if need be, and the story continues to be as compelling as ever. ‘Everything’s Changed’ has set up the last leg of the series in the perfect way.

The next episode of ‘Suits’ season 9 titled ‘Special Master’ will be aired on Wednesday, July 24.


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