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'Suits' season 9 will prove #Darvey theories right as Donna and Harvey coming together has always been the endgame

The many teasers and production images from 'Suits' season 9 have pointed to the fact that Donna and Harvey will end up together

Every show since the dawn of television has dangled one couple whose chemistry crackles even when the scene does not demand them to be anywhere near each other. A couple whose 'will they / won’t they' keeps us coming back for more, episode after episode, season after season. Not everyone is successful in creating this torturously sweet dynamic – but when it is done right, you have the audience eating out of the palm of your hands.

USA Network's 'Suits' is one of the shows that actually did get it right, with Harvey (Gabriel Macht) and Donna (Sarah Rafferty). From the beginning of the series, we saw them bantering and having each other’s back and nursing their hearts when the other explored a relationship with someone else. And, the pay-off for all that wait is going to happen in the upcoming final season of the legal drama.

Season 9 Episode 1 of 'Suits' titled 'Everything's Changed' already promises more than one scene involving #Darvey. The duo has been through so much together, and various events over the last eight seasons have proved that there is nothing they cannot do if they are together. Season 9, being the culmination of the series, will see them understand that there literally is a problem – whether it’s legal or personal – that they cannot solve with the other person is with them.


The many teasers and production images have also pointed to the fact that Donna and Harvey will end up together and that Darvey was always meant to be the endgame. One photoshopped image doing the round on the internet also shows the couple getting married, and even that has fans ecstatic.

The response online to the prospect of the duo getting together has been overwhelming to say the least, with one fan commenting, “I genuinely get so excited if I think about how it’ll be when we’ll watch suits season 9 together and live tweet and have heart attacks over darvey moments tbh [sic]”

Another said, “I really hope they don't wait till the end of season 9 to put them together cause that will just ruin my suits experience we need them together now so we can have a whole season of sexy darvey [sic]”

We are certainly looking forward to this union as well. If you are too, don’t forget to tune in to USA Network at 9/8c on Wednesday, July 17, when season 9 of ‘Suits’ will premiere.