SDCC 2019: 'Stumptown' cast cites intense writing sprinkled with occasional comedy as the highlight of ABC crime drama

SDCC 2019: 'Stumptown' cast cites intense writing sprinkled with occasional comedy as the highlight of ABC crime drama

At first glance, ABC's upcoming drama 'Stumptown' might look like your stereotypical investigative cop thriller with a messy private investigator at its core, but it's so much more than that. Cobie Smulders makes her big TV comeback as lead Dex Parios in the crime-drama, and who is surrounded by a team of efficient detectives and cops adding spice to the mix.

Playing the role of the cops are some of the big names from the genre, like Michael Healy and Camryn Manheim; and if both are to be believed, it is the script that sealed the deal for them. But when it comes to cast members Cole Sibus and Jake Johnson, it was just the pleasure of working around such an incredible cast that drew them in. 

"I have never read a script and felt like I didn't know where the character was going. This was the first script where I felt like I didn't know," Healey shared with MEA WorldWide as we caught up with him and Manheim at the San Diego Comic-Con 2019.

"It turned me on," remarks the actor, who plays Detective Miles Hoffman in the show created by Greg Rucka, adding: "And made me wanna learn more and be a part of the show. Obviously working with Cobie and Camryn was huge."




Manheim, who plays the role of Lieutenant Crossgrove, labels 'Stumptown' as 'the perfect storm.' "Its a beautiful script with amazing actors," she remarks, before noting what it is about the crime thriller that highlights it in the genre.

"I've played a lot of lawyers and cops, head of CIAs, but you never really got to know who they are on the inside and what their flaws are and what their soul's like. And that's what's gonna happen on the show. We're gonna reveal who we are as people and not just cops and so. I've never seen a more intense writing room in my life, they are so invested so I know they are gonna be deep and dark and I plan to do it honestly and honorably."




The show is also sprinkled with its fair share of comedy, as Healy would like fans to know. "When Cobie and I, or Camryn and I get in the room, comedy is there," Healy assures, adding: "We don't even have to try hard. We'll know the tone we're going for and keep that banter and witty dialogue back and forth because that's what makes it compelling. That's what makes it real. At the same time, it ever goes into melodrama."

Speaking further about the captivating writing of the show, Manheim notes, "If the writing is good and the characters are full" the actors shouldn't have to work hard. And even though Healy thinks that it is the actors' "job to make Stumptown stand out," he and Manheim both quip that if something goes wrong, look for the writers!

Sibus, who plays the role of Dex's brother Ansel Parios, says his favorite thing about the show was how he got to "enjoy every single person" like Johnson, Cobie and Adrian Martinez who plays the role of Tookie, a big brother like character who just wants Dex to tone it down with the crazy. Johnson, too, couldn't stop gushing about his co-star Sibus and his past work in the industry.


"I'm excited to act with him and we're gonna mix it up a little bit," says the 'New Girl' actor who plays the role of Grey McConnel on 'Stumptown'. Johnson credits the comic timing and feminist aspect of the show that drew him in, something that only makes our excitement build up for what the show has in store for the viewers.

'Stumptown' premieres on September 25 at 10 pm only on ABC.

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