'Stumptown' Episode 4: Dex is certain of not losing again, but Grey will if he does not cooperate with Detective Hoffman

'Stumptown' Episode 4: Dex is certain of not losing again, but Grey will if he does not cooperate with Detective Hoffman

'Stumptown' premiered episode three of the series on Wednesday, October 9, and in many ways, it seems like the show has truly begun.

While the first episode helped us understand who Dex (Cobie Smulders) is, and the second one helped us understand one of the most important relationships in her life — with Grey (Jake Johnson) — the third is where we see the fire gets lit in her. 

Dex decided to take her career as a Personal Investigator seriously, and in the previous episode we saw her work under the veteran PI Artie (Donal Logue) as an apprentice, but things did not go exactly according to plan.

While Artie is an arrogant, egotistical man whose only concern is money, he manipulates Dex into believing that he is working for a young woman who would do anything to save her daughter from her monster of a husband.

During the course of their investigation into the rich, powerful, and influential Randall Tapper (Robb Derringer), Dex was given the opportunity to take a boatload of money and zip her mouth, but she refused because she wanted to protect her and Artie's client.


She wanted to fight for the woman's right to keep her child, only to have Artie selling the proof they got against Randall to him and calling it a day.


Artie tells her he was always truthful about what he wanted, except when he made up a fake story about a fake daughter to try and connect with Dex.

What we see after that is what makes us so excited about the future of the show. A furious and heartbroken Dex with a renewed purpose marches into Candice's home and tells her that she had failed her, but that was the last time. 

The two of them are going to up against two powerful men, who have the means to kill them and take what is theirs.

It is also exciting to know they are going to win because the two women have had to fight tooth and nail for what they have, and they are not going to let Artie or Randall or anyone else make them feel small again. Now, this is a story worth watching!


Meanwhile, Grey is going through some tough time of his own and he isn't as confident about his future as Dex is, and honestly, if he doesn't cooperate with Detective Hoffman (Michael Ealy), we worry he would forever be stuck under the thumb of a criminal overlord or worse, dead on the road like his friend.

Hopefully, Dex can convince him to come clean and work as an informant for the Portland Police Bureau. Season one episode four of 'Stumptown' is set to premiere on Wednesday, October 16, on ABC, so don't forget to tune in. 


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