'Stumptown': From Dex's bang-up investigation to relationship tests, here's what to expect from the finale

'Stumptown': From Dex's bang-up investigation to relationship tests, here's what to expect from the finale
Dex Parios (ABC)

ABC upped its game several notches by presenting us with some of the most intriguing television series in the recent past, different from the usual boilerplate shows. Cobie Smulders's action-drama 'Stumptown' is among the network's several shows that have been lauded by fans and critics alike.

Although 'Stumptown' lost its pace following its winter hiatus, it managed to get itself back on track quite skillfully by altering Dex's story arc in the most surprising way. One of which included her confrontation with the past which has led to some major revelations about Benny's death. 

While the last episode saw the PI apologize to Sue Lynn Blackbird (Tantoo Cardinal), blaming herself for Benny's (Lee McHale) death, she will be seen digging deeper into her memories from her time in Afghanistan on learning that there's more to the death of the love of her life than what she believed for years.  

However, the creators are not planning on ending the current season only by delivering clarity on her personal front. According to ABC's latest press release, Dex will be framed for a murder in the series finale when she finds herself at the forefront of an investigation. 

All along we have seen Dex fight tooth and nail to help her clients whose plight she couldn't see or wanted to instill some justice in an unjust world. But the new and last investigation of Dex's puts her professional integrity to the test and we need to wait and watch if her institutions and marine skills could help her fight her own case. 

Meanwhile, a better-defined relationship is yet another aspect the series is planning on touching upon in its last episode. As it has already offered us Tookie-Grey and Ansel-Monica, the finale will see the Bad Alibi owner rekindle his relationship with his father. 

But, it looks like Detective Miles Hoffman (Michael Ealy) and Dex's on-again-off-again relationship will end for good when the former is put in a tough spot, owing to the murder allegations against Dex. Knowing how industrious Miles has always been, despite his feelings for Dex that are lurking somewhere deep inside, he has to make a choice in the unbridled situation that he is forced into. 

Miles' decision will play a key role in defining his relationship with Dex as well as continuity of his own story in the next season if 'Stumptown' is renewed. 

'Stumptown' airs on Wednesdays on ABC.

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