Study reveals redheads are having more sex and here's why

A new study found that redheads reported greater sexual activity over the past year, due to stereotypes about redheadedness and sex

                            Study reveals redheads are having more sex and here's why
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Stereotypes may be the reason redheaded women (not men) have engaged in more sex over the past year, a new study has found. According to researchers from Charles University, Prague, being a redheaded woman is directly responsible for greater sexual activity and it all comes down to the stereotypes we hold about them. Or in the words of the researchers, "Redheadedness in women, but not in men, correlated with various traits related to sexual life, namely with higher sexual desire... earlier initiation of sexual life, and higher sexual submissiveness."

Back in 2019, a study by the University of Rochester in New York and the IDC Herzliya in Israel found that sex on the first date can actually lead to a deeper emotional connection. Unfortunately, the rise of Internet porn meant that fewer Americans are having sex while turning to porn for sex education, which as one expert noted is not what porn is for. Anyway, of the few people that are having sex, it seems like redheads are the most active.


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The study focuses on European women, of which redheads make up around 9% of the population. The researchers found that "'the intensity of their sexual activity was relatively higher than the intensity of their sexual desire." Basically, they were having more sex than they would want to, all because of stereotypes we hold.

Why are redheads having more sex?

The researchers claim redheads "tend to be subject to various stereotypes about sexually liberated behavior." Their study of 110 women and 93 men, while not a very large sample, does indicate a pattern of redheads having more sex. Basically, our stereotypes "encourage potential mates to try and have sex with redheaded women more frequently." It appears redheads respond to those efforts, leading to more frequent sex.

Another factor could be the "imbalance between supply and demand", i.e. the fact that there are fewer redheads than brunettes and blondes in the population. Adding that to the pre-existing stereotypes, it seems men are more into redheads than other women. As a result, redheads tend to have more sexual partners, "higher sexual obedience", and begin having sex at a younger age.

If you are wondering what those stereotypes are, the paper does provide some examples. It says mates "believe that redheaded women are more sexually permissive" and had "less restrained sexual behavior." It's not clear why exactly we hold these stereotypes, and the researchers themselves note that there could be other factors at play here, including a higher level of prenatal estrogen. But, their study indicated that wasn't the case. "The data of the present study do, however, seem to support the fourth model, which suggests that higher sexual activity and promiscuity of redheaded women result from their passive response to frequent mating efforts, usually made by men," they concluded.

Of course, this study does have a very small sample size so it's not worth taking too seriously. But it's still an interesting thing to know a year after stereotypes have only led to more violent attacks on Asians. 

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