Kayla Lemieux: Students defend trans teacher with huge fake breasts, say she should be allowed to ‘express herself’

Kayla Lemieux: Students defend trans teacher with huge fake breasts, say she should be allowed to ‘express herself’
Kayla Lemieux, a teacher at Oakville Trafalgar High School, was recently pictured instructing a shop class with large prosthetics (@RamboJohnJ22/Twitter)

ONTARIO, CANADA: The Halton District School Board is reportedly once again defending a now infamous transgender teacher at Oakville Trafalgar High School who went viral after videos and photos of her were shared for wearing giant prosthetic breasts in class. School officials said they would no longer answer questions about the issue because it was a "personnel matter," Daily Mail reports.

In the clips, the teacher, identified as Kayla Lemieux, can be seen with long blonde hair and black bike shorts along with a tight t-shirt. According to Toronto Sun, a certain set of features made the teacher appear "clownish" and "sexist" to people. When the outlet questioned employment lawyer Sunira Chaudhry of Worklylaw.com, "Can the school board impose a dress restriction?" She said, "Yes. It’s clownish. It seems sexist to me, because of the exaggerated nature of these breasts with nipples protruding. I think a lot of young women at the school wouldn’t just feel uncomfortable, they’d feel mocked.” However, the Halton District School Board is backing the teacher. 


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HDSB Chair Margo Shuttleworth previously told that protecting their employees' "gender rights" is "the stance the school board is taking and they are standing behind the teacher." Shuttleworth also told that "staff is looking at going through creating a safety plan to ensure the Oakville Trafalgar High School teacher's security" as they prepare for protests when the school opens for classes on Monday, September 26 and added, as reported by DailyMail, "This teacher (who teaches shop) is an extremely effective teacher. All the kids really love being in the class."

Parents and other people objecting to the teacher's attire are planning to confront the district in the upcoming board meeting on September 23. However, students at the high school have mixed opinions. Owen LaPlante, a 12th grader at the school, said, "I'm okay with it. I know some of my friends are a little uncomfortable with it, but I think she should be able to express herself however she wants to." Yuxuan Xie, another student in grade 10, told, "I don't really hear anyone talking about it. I think, maybe, we don't care about that," while another said, ''I think he's going a little too far. I think identifying himself is ok, but I think that just wearing that in the classroom... I still have concerns over that." One of the protestors, who wanted to stay anonymous, said, "I think it's fundamentally wrong that this individual is able to work at an institution as such, with huge breasts on. It's gross."

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