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Who is Stromae? Belgian singer’s surprise comeback single ‘Santé' breaks the Internet

Stromae quickly grabbed one of the top spots on Friday, October 15 as his gamble of releasing a surprise track ‘Santé' paid-off
UPDATED OCT 15, 2021
Stromae drops new single ‘Santé' (Instagram@stromae)
Stromae drops new single ‘Santé' (Instagram@stromae)

While Adele was all over the Internet for her comeback single ‘Easy On Me’ after six years, a foreign artist too surprisingly broke the Internet at the same time. Belgian rapper and singer Stromae, whose real name is Paul Van Haver, left social media users stunned after he surprised them with a brand new single called ‘Santé’ that translates to ‘Health.’
Stromae quickly grabbed one of the top spots on Friday, October 15 as his gamble of releasing a surprise track paid off. The French singer had last dropped his full-length project in 2013 called ‘Racine carrée’.  Speaking of new Friday releases, music lovers got treated with a new album from Young Thug called ‘Punk’, whereas, Summer Walker too dropped a new single called ‘Ex for a Reason’. Coldplay too made this weekend special after they mesmerized their fans with their ninth album 'Music of the Spheres'.

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Who is Stromae?

Stromae is one of the most famous French artists who disappeared after dropping his second album in 2013. He did drop a single in 2018 called ‘Defiler’ but nothing came on a regular basis. The 36-year-old Brussels-born musician has sold over 8.5 million records worldwide. His music is primarily sung in French but he has also performed a few songs in Flemish.

The singer-songwriter is best known for his chart-topping bangers namely ‘Papaoutai’ and ‘Formidable’. His music is heavily inspired by Belgian singer-songwriter Jacques Brel, Cuban son, and Congolese rumba and his music can be categorized under genres like hip-hop and electronic. On his brand new song, ‘Santé', Stromae sings, “What good manners? Why would I pretend?/ Anyway, she gets paid to do it, do you think you're my mom?/ In an hour, I come back, that it is clean, that we can eat there on the floor, three hours that I wait/ Frankly, they manufacture them or what? Fortunately, it's only two drinks/ Call me your manager and hurry, it could end like this, your career.” His new album is scheduled to hit the Internet in 2022.


‘Stromae just dropped the world is healing’

Social media users were left awestruck the moment they spotted Stromae’s new single on streaming platforms. ‘Stromae finally stopped being a loving husband and father and finally got back to the music!!!!!!”, said one fan as another shared, “Stromae back with a new song life is good, nature is healing, the grass is green, everything is wonderful.” One user added, “I woke up and Stromae is back are you f**king kidding me?”
The next one added, “Adele and Stromae returning on the same day this is Christmas miracle-level.” One person tweeted, “STROMAE JUST DROPPED the world is healing.” Meanwhile, one fan posted, “Every time I listen to Stromae, my complicated relationship with French is mended. Maybe the language of my colonizers sounds great actually. His power, ugh.”  Another elated fan concluded, “EVERYBODY WAKE THE F**K UP STROMAE COMEBACK JUST DROPPED.”

Stromae in a still from his live concert (YouTube@stromae)