'Stranger Things' season 3 is really a story of 'You can't spell America without Erica'

'Stranger Things' season 3 is really a story of 'You can't spell America without Erica'

*This article contains major spoilers for season 3 of Stranger Things*

The fourth of July is finally here and this time around there is more to be excited about than the fireworks and the barbecue. ‘Stranger Things’ season 3 is back after a seemingly long break, and we could not be more joyful. If you haven’t watched the new episodes yet, what are you waiting for? And, if you have already, then let’s get gushing about the sassiest person in all of Hawkins, Indiana.

We are, of course, talking about Erica Sinclair played perfectly by the talented Priah Ferguson. We have always maintained she, Erica, has a lot more to offer the show, and season 3 has made those wishes come true by giving her a posse of her own and more screen time. Erica has always straddled the thin line between sassy and bossy perfectly and the teen is more confident than ever before this time around.

This season, we see that she also interacts quite a bit with her brother Lucas’s (Caleb McLaughlin) friends, especially Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo) and Steve (Joe Keery). She visits their place of work – the ice cream shop in the mall and tries out every flavor and leaves without actually buying any. D**k move? Sure. But, it is difficult to not love her still.


We also see Steve and Dustin relying on her a little bit this season – only because of lack of any options. The duo is investigating the Russian cargo going in and out of Hawkins, and the only one small enough to fit into the tunnel is Erica, who obviously is a pricey hire.


To convince her, Dustin asks her to do it for her country. “American heroes. Don’t you love your country?” One of her most shining moments is in the reply: “You can’t spell America without Erica.” Right you are, queen of sass. We certainly cannot. And, Steve and Dustin could definitely not have completed their mission without Erica either.

Erica goes in, does her investigation, finds out the truth and comes out, like a true boss, and when Steve gets caught by the Russians, she throws a bomb-adjacent thing and walks out like an action hero. ‘Stranger Things’ season 3 is the proof of her worth on the show. We cannot help but thank the Duffer Brothers for actually tapping into Ferguson’s true potential this season.


You can stream all new episodes from season 3 of ‘Stranger Things’ on Netflix right now.

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