'Stranger Things' season 3: Billy Hargrove may be in danger and fans believe he could be the villain to look out for

Warning signs on Billy as shown in the trailer has led fans to believe he might be in danger, or worse, the big bad this season!

                            'Stranger Things' season 3: Billy Hargrove may be in danger and fans believe he could be the villain to look out for

As people are gearing up for their highly anticipated Fourth of July celebrations, fans of 'Stranger Things' have a whole other reason to look forward to the joyous day. Arriving almost two years after the second season, season three of Netflix's hit sci-fi supernatural thriller premieres on the American Independence Day.

And while the streaming network has maintained massive secrecy over the upcoming season, eagle-eyed fans were able to spot one of the biggest revelations about season 3. If these fans are to be believed, the infamous yet ridiculously hot Billy Hargrove might just be the big bad to watch out for!



Played by Dacre Montgomery, Billy is your quintessential bad boy, whose new-in-town aspect adds to the mystery of his persona. Billy is your classic bully. He hates his step-sister and tries to ruin everything that might seem to be remotely working for her. He hates his father and the two engage in violent outbursts after confrontations, which sometimes results in Billy shedding a few tears before shoving that vulnerability deep down. He enjoys the thrill of driving his 1979 blue Camaro and the risk of trying to impress women twice his age. Billy is pretty much all that's wrong with toxic masculinity and more, but deep down is a scared child afraid of abandonment.

Now, it has been very easy to hate Billy. Compared to his peers, especially the recently evolved Steve Harrington (Joe Keery) and the always kind Jonathan Byers (Charlie Heaton), it's not that hard to dislike Billy even though his droopy eyes with a glint of danger might make you weak in the knees. But when we see him in the trailer for season three, Billy is the same suave, narcissistic character basking in the poolside glory of how glorious he looks shirtless, and a little more than just that.



In a scene from the trailer, Billy can be seen under the shower when a wound on his arm starts spreading the same way we have known the show's prime antagonist, the Mind Flayer, to "flay" on its victims. We're talking the bluish black veins spreading like lightning around the wound, very subtly, but also causing much alarm at the same time. In another clip, we see an extreme close up of Billy's eyes, as the same fine black lines begin spreading across the white of his eyes. So obviously, fans have decided that Billy is going to be the villain this coming season.

Warning signs on Billy as shown in the trailer that has led fans to believe he might be in danger. (Source: Netflix)

The last time we saw the Mind Flayer using someone as a host from the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana, it was our very own Will Byers (Noah Schnapp). But what is to be noted here is that Will was a quiet, nerdy pre-teen by nature — aka the exact opposite of Billy, who has always been associated with violence. The negative energy comes automatically to Billy, and he doesn't shy away from acting upon his violent instincts, making the idea of him as a host all the more terrifying.

But despite his violent, antagonizing nature, Billy has also won the hearts of many because, well — he is the bad boy of Hawkins. "I just want 'Stranger Things' right now so I can cry for a week about Billy — a character I've been writing about for two years — dying a horrible death as a villain after all the abuse he suffered and then lose faith in all fiction forever," tweeted one passionate fan. The fan added, "Please prove me wrong, Duffer brothers," so here's keeping our fingers crossed for the charming evil.

'Stranger Things' premieres on Thursday, July 4, only on Netflix.

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