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'Stranger Things' Season 3: Meet the badass grandma, the egotistical mayor, and the sassy investigator that Hawkins is counting on

'Stranger Things' season 3 will see some terrific secondary character as it premieres on Thursday, July 4, on Netflix

There's just one day to go for the highly anticipated season 3 premiere of 'Stranger Things'.

While the promos and teasers have done enough to raise our expectations, fans will find extra comfort knowing that the primary cast and plot aren't the only thing to look forward to this time around.

We have known how terrific some of the secondary cast on the show have been, with Barb soaring to become an automatic internet sensation in the first season, and the second season being all about Bob Newby, the Superhero.

Following their signature tropes, this time, 'Stranger Things' comes armed with a badass grandma, a seedy mayor, and a sassy private investigator (PI) whose cutthroat one-liners will have you in splits throughout season 3.

For starters, we have Mrs. Driscoll—the jazz-loving, absolutely bold, and terrific grandmother-type figure—played by Peggy Miley, who actually helps the main characters quite a bit in their attempt at combating the big bad of this season—the Mind Flayer.

She looks like the sweetest woman ever, one that you want to hang out with on warm summer afternoons and listen to her stories. The character is kind and generous from the get-go, when she is approached by Nancy Wheeler and Jonathan Byers for a story the two interns are working on for The Hawkins Post.


The old widow lost her husband a decade ago but has now grown to enjoy the quiet.

Speaking to MEA Worldwide (MEAWW) at the premiere for season 3, Miley told us: "Oh, she's a tough old broad, I can tell you that. It's a very pivotal role because she captures one of the enemies!"

So, there you go, our beloved jazz-listening grandma will make you feel home and also kick the monster's a**!

Then there's this really, really insufferable Mayor Klein played by Cary Elwes. The character just makes you want something really bad to happen to him.

It's one of those villains you obsessively hate and hope the worst for.

In Elwes's own words to MEAWW, "This is the first time we meet the Mayor of Hawkins and he is a very self-centered, egotistical politician who cares more about his constituents' votes than about them."

With Elwes' brilliant portrayal of the character, there's no denying that the season wouldn't be the same without him.

Things only keep getting murkier because, as the season progresses, the build-up to the big reveal about how he is involved in the Mind Flayer's activities becomes clearer.

The progression of the character's arc is gradual yet captivating. However, you just can't wait to see him end up in a ditch somewhere.


Last but not least is our favorite PI from season 2 called Murray Bauman.

His receding hairline made him the subject of plenty of jokes from the younger characters in season 3, but his sharp wit and no-nonsense attitude are still cut-throat, reminding us just why we adored him so much.

This time, Bauman comes armed with some fluent Russian and effortlessly slips into the role of a third wheel with Joyce Byers (Winona Ryder) and Sheriff Jim Hopper (David Harbour).

He is the man of the hour in situations where everybody feels something but nobody voices it. He dishes out reality with such impeccable snark that you are convinced there's no other way to address the issue. And, for that, we have the incredible writers, and of course, Brett Gelman to thank.

The character of Bauman is quite rigid at the core but he also packs in the best comic timing. And, just like an acquired taste, as a viewer, you don't really want to see Joyce and Hopper go about their mission unless the 'Bald Eagle' is tagging along.

'Stranger Things' season 3 premiers on Thursday, July 4, on Netflix.