New 'Stranger Things' season 3 promo has fans demanding 'justice for Bob'. Will he return?

Is it possible that the cartoon drawing of Bob as a superhero that the new clip focuses on is a prospective hint about the upcoming season?

                            New 'Stranger Things' season 3 promo has fans demanding 'justice for Bob'. Will he return?

Season 2 of 'Stranger Things' gave us a lot of things. There was the very wholesome father-daughter relationship between Hopper and Eleven, Eleven and Mike's sweet, chaste little kiss, Mom-Steve, and of course - Joyce and Bob's relationship which was too pure for the world, and which also ended too soon. It happened from Bob dying in the season finale after being attacked by the Demo-dogs. Brutal, we know. But a new promotional clip for the upcoming third season has lit hope in the hearts of fans of Bob, who are demanding 'Justice for Bob' the way they campaigned for the season 1 fave - Barb. 

The official Twitter account of the Netflix original released a new promo clip panning across the Byers' household and focusing on the fridge where a drawing of 'Bob Newby, superhero' is still stuck with a refrigerator magnet. The show's signature gusts of wind blow into the room ominously with equally conspicuous music playing in the background. The wind manages to ruffle the paper before the magnet finally falls off the fridge, along with the drawing and everything else stuck to its walls. 



Now, 'Stranger Things' is known for being notorious with cryptic messages, that aren't always brimming with subtlety. Remember the festive lights situation from season 1 where Joyce (Winona Ryder) thought she could communicate with her missing son Will (Noah Schnapp) using the blinking lights in their living room? Considering Will is also the one who was possessed by the Shadow Monster in season 1 and the entire house underwent the harrowing aftermath of that, it makes sense that something equally dangerous is brewing in the Byers's house once again, but is it possible that the cartoon drawing of Bob (Sean Astin) as a superhero that the clip focuses on, is a prospective hint about the upcoming season?

Bob (L) and Joyce (R) from Stranger Things had one of the most wholesome onscreen relationships ever. Source: Netflix

It's quite understandable why fans feel so strongly about the prospect of Bob coming back to life, the biggest reason behind it being just how wholesome and pure the character was. Not only was he a great, caring, loving, and kind boyfriend to Joyce, but he was also friendly and affectionate towards her sons, Will, and Jonathan (Charlie Heaton.) Even though Jonathan found Bob's friendly nature a little off-putting, Will was a fan right from the start. After Bob inspires Will to face his fears (which the kid successfully does), he also draws the photo of Bob as a superhero, that is still stuck to their fridge in season 3. The inspiration for the drawing comes from the time Bob, in an attempt to reassure Joyce, had very sweetly said "It's gonna be okay. Remember, Bob Newby, superhero."

And we remember, Bob Newby, you absolute ray of sunshine and everything wholesome on the planet. The character was taken from us too soon and is also the textbook definition of a lovable hero who deserved better. Just like Barb from season 1, who died at the hands of the shadow monster while watching out for her best friend, Nancy (Natalie Dyer.) And because fans love going the extra mile, they are now rooting for 'justice for Bob' - a reboot of the season 1 Twitter trend 'justice for Barb', where they petitioned for the show to give closure to the character's death. But here's the catch though: Bob coming back might ruin the odds for Joyce getting together with Chief Jim Hopper (David Harbour) aka the other adorable dad figure from the show we so adore. So be careful what you wish for!

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