Who was Stone Foltz? Ohio frat boy, 20, dies after 'downing 40 shots' of alcohol in hazing ritual gone wrong

The Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity, who organized the event, has been placed on interim suspension by the university

                            Who was Stone Foltz? Ohio frat boy, 20, dies after 'downing 40 shots' of alcohol in hazing ritual gone wrong
Stone Foltz was a sophomore at the Bowling Green State University (Stone Foltz/Facebook)

BOWLING GREEN, OHIO: A 20-year-old sophomore student at Bowling Green State University in Ohio died tragically after he drank an excessive amount of alcohol in a Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity event. The alleged fraternity pledge demanded Foltz to participate in a hazing ritual, where he reportedly took 40 shots of alcohol. 

Foltz was soon rushed to the ProMedica Toledo Hospital after the off-campus event on March 4, 2021. He passed away at the hospital on Sunday, March 7, after a tough battle between life and death. "The death of Stone Foltz is a tragedy. He was a beloved son, brother, and grandson," family attorney Sean Alto said in a statement. 


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Who was Stone Foltz?

Stone Foltz hails from Dublin, Ohio, as per the information on his Facebook profile. He was a sophomore at the Bowling Green State University at Bowling Green, Ohio, where he was pursuing a degree in the university's College of Business. 

On the fateful night of Thursday, Foltz participated at an off-campus Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity event in Bowling Green. As overheard by his roommate, Foltz had earlier shared details about the bizarre hazing ritual. "We have to drink a handle of any alcohol that our big gives us. We have to finish the whole thing in the time we're there before we leave," he reportedly said.

A handle of alcohol is equal to 40 shots, DailyMail estimated. 

On Thursday night, Foltz participated in the ritual, he was later dropped off at this apartment between 11 and 11.30 pm, in an extremely inebriated and sick condition. 

His roommate soon discovered him to be in critical health and called 911 for emergency. 'I've never seen my roommate more drunk in his entire life. He immediately went to the bathroom and was throwing up in the toilet for just 15 minutes to an hour and making himself vomit," he revealed. 

University officials suspended the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity

After the news about Foltz's death surfaced, authorities at Bowling Green State University placed the Delta Beta chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity on interim suspension for 'alleged hazing activity'. 

In an elaborate statement, they mentioned, "We are working with local law enforcement, who are actively taking the lead in investigating this unfolding situation. This tragic incident has certainly impacted our students and community. BGSU is committed to not just the student conduct and law enforcement investigations, but a full inquiry into each Greek chapter’s prevention and compliance responsibilities under University policies prohibiting hazing. These University processes and policies have been established to set high expectations and standards and to enforce compliance and ensure the safety of all students."

Meanwhile, Foltz's family is coping with his devastating death as they prepare for donating his organs. Family lawyer Alto stated, "Despite their unbearable grief, they agreed to donate Stone’s organs so that others may have a second chance at life."

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