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Lifetime 'Stolen in Her Sleep' Review: Morgan Bradley aptly depicts every new mom's worst fears

Even though viewers may not be challenged by the movie, the power-packed performances from the leading cast will keep them hooked
Morgan Bradley in 'Stolen in Her Sleep' (Lifetime Movie Network)
Morgan Bradley in 'Stolen in Her Sleep' (Lifetime Movie Network)

For a long time, Lifetime Movie Network has provided the best thriller films. The streaming service is back with its latest project, 'Stolen in Her Sleep,' starring Morgan Bradley and Alicia Leigh Willis.

Hallie (Morgan Bradley) is the main character in the new Lifetime film 'Stolen in Her Sleep'. The new parent had a difficult start because her newborn child Ava needed a heart transplant when she was born. Ava is doing well after two months, but Hallie is on medication, which may or may not cause paranoia and migraines. The unexpected visit of Hallie's domineering mother-in-law (Meredith Thomas), who taunts her, “You’re a terrible mother,” does not help. When Hallie meets Megan Banks (Alicia Leigh Willis) in the park, she believes she has found a silver lining. Hallie is an artist, while Megan claims to be an artist publicist. Stroke of luck? Kayley Loveridge owns the suspenseful narrative, which is primarily directed by John Murlowski.


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Lifetime Movie Network's new mommy-themed thriller has its moments that keep viewers on the edge of their seats. The film unpacks far too many real-life panic situations in far too short a period to allow for much further study. The Lifetime movie's crucial parts were all shot in Los Angeles, the largest metropolis in Southern California. Throughout the gripping story, Hallie strives to safeguard her daughter Ava in various places and situations, while the former is nearly driven insane in the process. At the same time, nearly all of us have encountered people who are not who they appear to be. As a result, this is a brain-teaser for many.

However, as a thriller, the film fails to keep audiences wondering till the end since the slow shots and edgy background music almost gives away the person who is terrorizing Hallie and her child. Even though viewers may not be challenged by the movie, the power-packed performances from the leading cast will keep them hooked. The scene in which Hallie awakens from her sleep hurriedly in response to her daughter's cry, only to discover that her house has been broken into, gives the audience a good chill. All the tense situations in the film had Hallie checking on her kid. In the process, she loses her babysitter, finds herself trapped in the garage, and receives a visit from an intruder. Morgan Bradley portrays the new mother who struggles to distinguish between her "intuitions and mommy jitters" admirably. Hallie's relentless effort to ensure her child's safety despite her deteriorating mental health is a striking message for other mothers going through the same thing.

Morgan Bradley in 'Stolen in Her Sleep' (Lifetime Movie Network)

Other parts in the film that featured Meredith Thomas and Alicia Leigh Willis stood out the most. Willis, who plays Megan Banks, introduces herself to Hallie as a publicist for artists. Her sudden appearance in Hallie's life as a friend-cum-well-wisher causes Hallie to question their relationship. However, since her anxiety prevents her from trusting anything or anybody when it comes to her baby, there isn't much room in her life for individuals she can trust. Even after her mother-in-law (played by Meredith Thomas)shows up unexpectedly to help her with her child, she struggles to connect with her and questions her intentions.

There are some parallels between real-life cases and the Lifetime thriller's premise. In reality, Lifetime is recognized for drawing inspiration from real-life occurrences and creating captivating stories around them. This film contains scenes that new mothers, particularly those coping with mental health concerns, can connect to. In the Lifetime movie, Hallie is a new mother who is concerned somebody is after her and her baby Ava. This uneasy feeling is fairly common and applicable in real life, as there have been countless occurrences of infant abductions throughout history.

Kayley Loveridge, Amy Katherine Taylor, and Kelly Peters, all of whom have worked on previous films, are responsible for the suspenseful storyline. So, by combining their extensive knowledge in various genres, they were able to create a plot for this Lifetime movie that appears to be extremely accurate.