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Is this the Stockton serial killer? Police release footage of man 'on a mission' with Keyser Soze walk

Police released footage of a 'person of interest' walking through an apartment complex or hotel corridor from behind
Footage of the alleged Stockton serial killer (Stockton Police Department)
Footage of the alleged Stockton serial killer (Stockton Police Department)

STOCKTON, CALIFORNIA: Surveillance footage of the man who Stockton police suspect to be the serial murderer responsible for the execution-style killings of six men in the past year has been made public. In the footage, a suspect can be seen scurrying past a security camera while wearing a COVID mask, trousers, and a sweatshirt. Police said it depicts a man who is "on a mission" and has an "uneven stride" much like Kevin Spacey's character Keyser Soze in the film 'The Usual Suspects'.

The individual is a subject of interest, according to Stockton Police Chief Stanley McFadden, even if there isn't any proof linking him to the shootings just yet. The six victims were all killed by a single gunshot while outside. The motivation of the gunman is yet unknown to police. The murders happened between April 10 and September 27. Seven individuals were injured, and only one survived. She described him as a tall, thin man who "spoke nothing" as he started shooting at her, according to the police.


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"We don't know what the motive is. What we do believe is that it's mission-oriented. This person is on a mission," McFadden stated. The victim's ages varied from 21 to 54 years old, and included both men and women, according to the chief. With the exception of a 46-year-old lady who was shot in Oakland and was the lone survivor, all were assaulted in the Stockton region. The Stockton Police Department revealed surveillance video that showed a man McFadden called a "person of interest" walking through an apartment complex or hotel corridor from behind. The individual shown in the video was not connected to the shootings, according to McFadden, but investigators still wanted to talk with him as part of their investigation.

He urged onlookers to notice the man's "uneven walk" and strangely erect stance while viewing the video. $125,000 has been put up as a reward for information that results in an arrest. More than 300,000 people live in Stockton, a city in the central valley of California, 60 miles east of San Francisco. The city has seen five killings since July; four of the victims were Hispanic, and their deaths have been connected. They were Paul Alexander Yaw, 35, Salvador William Dubedy Jr, 43, Jonathan Hernandez Rodriguez, 21, Juan Cruz, 52 and Lorenzo Lopez, 54.

The homicides all occurred in locations with little lighting, and the men were discovered alone and dead in the early morning hours. Homeless people were also among the victims. According to the police, there is "physical evidence" linking the five murders. The subsequent wave of killings was also connected to two early morning shootings from 2021. A black lady, 46, was shot near Park and Union streets in Stockton on April 16, 2021, but she survived. On April 10, 2021, a 40-year-old Hispanic male was shot and killed in Oakland, California. Police Chief Stanley McFadden stated on Friday that after ruling out gang violence and robbery, the agency needs the public's assistance in bringing fresh facts to light.