Is Steven Crowder OK? YouTuber shares selfie from hospital, trolls say ‘hard not to snicker'

Steven Crowder tweeted he could 'physically feel death' but social media users used it as an opportunity to troll the right-wing commentator

                            Is Steven Crowder OK? YouTuber shares selfie from hospital, trolls say ‘hard not to snicker'
Steven Crowder before hospitalization and after (@louderwithcrowder/Instagram)

YouTuber and right-wing commentator Steven Crowder was hospitalized in early July and it appears his condition has deteriorated. On July 27, Crowder tweeted he could "physically feel death" as his situation "took a turn for the worse". The update, sent out via his personal Twitter account, was met with almost instant trolling as many users used it as an opportunity to target Crowder. 

The 'Louder With Crowder' host has been a controversial figure for years, well known for making homophobic comments. In March, he mocked transwomen with a video on Women's Day, that showed him dressed up as a transwoman. Then in April, he was slammed for recreating the murder of George Floyd, with his producer kneeling on his neck. 


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Despite a controversial public life, Crowder's private life seems to be quite happy. On April 7, we reported that he and his wife Hilary Crowder were expecting twins, a year after she suffered a miscarriage. What should have been an exciting and happy time for the couple has now turned into a bit of a nightmare, with Crowder being hospitalized and things not looking that great.


Is Steven Crowder OK?

The only source of update is Crowder's social media feed, so there's not much we know. On July 1, he posted a photo on Instagram saying he was going for surgery but did not specify which kind. On July 11, he tweeted it was a pectus surgery, done to correct the shape of the sternum/breast bone. The surgery is usually done when the sternum is squeezing the lungs and heart, which can lead to pain and difficulty in breathing.

On July 8, he posted a selfie on Instagram with the caption "recovering". Then on July 11, he spoke about his surgery and said "I am currently a "before" picture." The surgery led Crowder to gain 12lbs of fluid in one night. It's unclear what happened, but it appears that the fluid gain led to pressure on his lung, leading to it collapsing. The next update we got was on July 23, when Crowder tweeted, "Mild lung collapse. Sounds worse than it is, and I’ll get the function back, but recovery is going to take longer than I was aiming for. Apologies. Updates soon."


Following that tweet, Crowder's next update came only on July 27, when he said, "Last night took a turn for the worse. Ever actually get so close that you can physically feel death? He’s a d**k. The good news is, it’s fixable and these things happen. I’ll be back before you know it. Thanks for the support." He also posted a selfie along with the tweet. 


'The Lord's ways aren't always mysterious'

News of Crowder's hospitalization has been closely followed by social media users, with many offering encouraging words, prayers and wishes to the YouTuber. However, a few people have decided to use the news as an opportunity to troll Crowder, for his past words and deeds. 

"How does steven crowder trust doctors to treat him when he doesn't trust them about vaccines or climate change or abortion or gender or..." one person tweeted. Another said, "I wonder if any evangelical conservatives out there are seeing irony in Steven Crowder making fun of someone being asphyxiated, and then getting a collapsed lung not far in the future. Maybe the Lord's ways aren't always mysterious."



One person joked, "Remember the episode of the Simpsons where Mr. Burns is diagnosed with every disease ever but they all cancel each other out? that's Steven Crowder." Another trolled, "Steven Crowder and Bolsonaro need to have an mma fight for the title of World’s Sickest Man."



"Steven Crowder found out one of his lungs were on the left and stopped using it," a user joked. Another said, "steven crowder's lung: i am going to collapse, change my mind," recalling the famous Crowder meme. One user tweeted, "I never wish ill on people, even people I despise, but it sure is hard not to snicker when I see Steven Crowder pop up on the timeline with some sort of affliction."




There are a large number of people who have also wished Crowder would die, much to the disgust of his fans and well-wishers. MEAWW is choosing not the share any of those tweets out of respect for Crowder. Despite the close brush with death, it appears Crowder will survive, and he is pretty upbeat about it. We will let you know how his recovery goes when we know more.