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Are Stephanie Davison and Harris officially a couple? Fans say he wants '90 Day Fiance' star to be his sugar mama

Looks Stephanie Davison might have found her knight in shinning armor in Ryan Carr's cousin, Harris
Stephanie Davison and Harris (TLC)
Stephanie Davison and Harris (TLC)

When it comes to storylines on '90 Day Fiance', none of them are quite out of the ordinary. After all, falling in love with someone while on vacation or via international dating apps isn't exactly the norm. While most couples on the show have their own unique story, there are people like Stephanie Davison who go above and beyond to complicate their own love life. 

When Davison caught her fiance, Ryan Carr "stealthing" while they were being intimate, she kicked him out of her suite in Belize and even called off the engagement. Seeing that "stealthing" is a serious form of sexual assault and the fact that she doubted his faithfulness to her, it seemed like she was finally ready to let go of this relationship and head back home.


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But, instead of packing up, she ended up calling Ryan's cousin, Harris, who she previously slept with and cheated on Carr with, to comfort her. Harris, who is a farmworker living with his baby mama and kids, was all too quick to proclaim his love for her and how he'd keep her happy. This led to her uttering the golden words, 'What if Harris came to America?'

Harris has made it clear he thinks Americans are loaded and is all set to be Davison's man. He went as far as to claim that although Carr is family, he made his choices and that if Harris had to pick, he picks Davison. The pair soon find out that Carr himself has been missing for a few days, but they two seemed far more concerned about planning their new lives together.

The whole interaction between Davison, Harris and their plans for a new feature did not sit well with fans. "Stephanie is a w***e #90DayFiance" tweeted a fan. "Harris wants a green card and a better life Stephanie wants ... we all know what she wants #90DayFiance" agreed another. "Steph, girl.... forget finding love with a 27 year old. just travel and hire escorts... you’ll be so f**king happy #90DayFiance" said another fan, offering an alternative solution. "What bull is Harris trying to feed us? We know he's just looking for a sugar mama to support him, his baby mama and their 3 kids. Stephanie is just so needy and so little self esteem, she's gobbling it up. #90DayFiance" said a fan. "Stephanie looks like her make up was done by Bozo the clown. She looks like she took a handful of Xanax and with a glass of wine what could go wrong? @90DayFiance #90DayFiance" tweeted another. "Stephanie is in need of professional help. She's not mentally healthy at all and I'm willing to bet she's on meds and mixing THIS much alcohol isn't good at all #90DayFiance" a fan explained.





Looks like Davison has found love in Harris' arms. But the question is, for how long? Catch all the new episodes of '90 Day Fiance' Season 8 on TLC every Sunday at 8/7c. For more information, check your local listings.