'90 Day Fiance': Did Ryan Carr lie to Stephanie Davidson about using a condom? Angry fans slam him for 'rape'

While most couples on this season are problematic, Stephanie Davison and Ryan Carr might have just reached a whole new level

                            '90 Day Fiance': Did Ryan Carr lie to Stephanie Davidson about using a condom? Angry fans slam him for 'rape'
Stephanie Davison and Ryan Carr seem to be problematic to a point of no return (TLC)

This season of '90 Day Fiancé' is packing a chaotic combination of drama and what looks like a whole lot of pregnancies. While some couples can't seem to catch a break at all, there are couples like Stephanie Davison and Ryan Carr, who've gotten problematic to a point of no return. 

Not too long along, Davison took to social media to talk about the fact that Carr had allegedly raped her. The reality star spoke about how TLC even forced her to film after a bug infestation attack and did nothing about the assault either. When the news of the same surfaced, it was hard to watch the couple on screen and see their storyline play out.


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But, this week's episode might have just shed light on what happened between the couple. Carr is seen leaving Davison's holiday villa while she is seen screaming hysterically at him. Carr packs his things and walks away while Davison seems exasperated. She later reveals the cause of their fight — Carr tricked Davison into believing that he was using a condom while sleeping with her, when in fact, he was not. Davison was livid, seeing that she still wasn't sure if he was faithful to her and now he lied to her.

Fans felt her anger was justified, and that the issue was far deeper — stealthing, the act of removing a condom without your partner's knowledge is a serious form of sexual assault and is even considered to be illegal in countries like the UK and Germany. 

"#90DayFiance So did Ryan just rape Stephanie? Wow @TLC! This is deep!" tweeted a shocked fan. "Did #90dayfiance just use a form of sexual assault (stealthing) to make their tv show more entertaining? This show is disgusting I’m so many levels," tweeted another, calling out the network. "Stealthing (not using a condom when that was consented to) is a form of rape. Shame on @TLC @90DayFiance for continuing to film Stephanie after she clearly indicated she was just a victim of sexual assault," agreed another. 


However, amid the situation, Davison also seemed stressed about her mother's ring potentially going missing - she seemed convinced Carr might have stolen it. While she did find it eventually, this left a bad taste in the mouth of fans, who were quick to bash her for the accusations. "#90DayFiance Welp. Gotta agree with Ryan. Stephanie is one crazy a$$ gringa. And wth is she on? It ain't botox & booze that makes you slur, foot shuffle & act a fool like that Good lawd" said a fan.

"Stephanie is such a racist bitch. She really thinks she owns Ryan. And when he left first thing she says is he stole from her AND calls his cousin over to come hit. Yiiikes #90DayFiance" tweeted another. "Stephanie 100% believes Ryan is cheating on her, and now she's freaking out about him "maybe" stealing her ring? Such little trust sounds like a perfect foundation for a long-lasting relationship. #90DayFiance @90DayFiance" agreed another. "Stephanie treats Ryan the way Karens treat Black people I am actually sick of her. and she constantly throws her money at him me no likey #90dayfiance" tweeted a user.


It didn't help that Davison tried to get in touch with Carr's cousin, Harris, who she cheated with, after Carr left. Looks like this couple's issues are deep-rooted and far from over. 

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