CBS' 'Star Trek, Picard': Release date, plot, cast, trailer, news and everything else about the series starring Patrick Stewart

CBS' 'Star Trek, Picard': Release date, plot, cast, trailer, news and everything else about the series starring Patrick Stewart

‘Star Trek: Picard’ is a TV show, which would mark the eighth series in the ‘Star Trek’ franchise. Centering on the character of Jean-Luc Picard, the series is set 20 years after the events of the 2002 film ‘Star Trek: Nemesis,’ in the 24th century. The storyline depicted in ‘Nemesis’ is impacted by the destruction of Romulus in the 2009 film ‘Star Trek.’

Executive produced by Patrick Stewart, the show starring him was created for CBS All Access and began filming in California in April. The title ‘Picard’ was revealed a month later. Stewart will be reprising his starring role from ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation.’


Release date

An official premiere date is yet to be assigned for ‘Star Trek: Picard,’ you can expect the series to be released in late 2019.


It has been nearly 20 years since Jean-Luc Picard's last appearance in 2002, and when we meet him in ‘Picard,’ the titular character is reeling from the destruction of Romulus. Not much else is known about the series at this point, but we will be updating this space regularly with the latest news.


Patrick Stewart is reprising his role as the former captain of the USS Enterprise-D and USS Enterprise-E, despite his belief post ‘Nemesis’ that the franchise "had run its natural course." However, having realized that the franchise as a whole and his character, in particular, had had a huge impact on the lives of millions of fan, Stewart decided "to research and experience what comforting and reforming light he might shine on these often very dark times.”

Santiago Cabrera: The name of the character Cabrera is playing is yet to be announced, but we do know he is the pilot of Picard's ship, along with being a skilled thief.



Michelle Hurd: Hurd’s role on the show is yet to be revealed, but her character is a former intelligence officer struggling with substance abuse.

It was revealed during the 'Enter the Star Trek Universe' panel at the San Diego Comic-Con 2019 that Brent Spiner, Jonathan Del Arco, Jonathan Frakes and Star Trek: Voyager's Jeri Ryan will be appearing in the series as well. Evan Evagora as Elnor, Alison Pill as Dr. Agnes Jurati, Harry Treadaway as Narek, and Isa Briones as Dahj round up the cast.


Alex Kurtzman, who has been an executive producer of the ‘Star Trek’ franchise since 2017, is helming ‘Star Trek: Picard’ and it's part of the five-year overall deal he signed with CBS Television Studios in an attempt to expand the ‘Star Trek’ franchise. When approached with the opportunity, Kurtzman, who believed Picard was the greatest ‘Star Trek’ captain, wanted to do a series based on him. 





In the trailer, Picard says, “Data sacrificed his life for me. These past few years I feel like I don’t belong here.” Picard in his retirement state is approached by Isa Briones, and she’s something of a bad-a** fighter. “Do you know who I am?” she asks Picard, “Everything inside says I’m safe with you.” "She is the end of all, she is the destroyer," screams a Starfleet member. At the end of the trailer, Picard and Data are seen playing cards. Picard says “I don’t want the game to end,” and Data replies “I can see that Captain.” The clip ends with the phrase, "The End Is Just The Beginning'.


Talking about 'Picard', executive Producer, Alex Kurtzman, at the SDCC 2019, explained that the show's very different in tone from 'Discovery' and that Stewart pushed the creators to think outside the box. "And (to think) about what was important about the box that everybody loves so much, so we asked a lot of questions about what Trek meant to each of us," he said.


The show will have two works that serve as lead-ins to the series. One of which will be a three-part IDW comic book series, Star Trek: Picard--Countdown that will kick off in November 2019 and center on a mission that will "change the life" of the legendary Starfleet captain.

Where to watch

When the series premieres, it will be available to view on All Access. 

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