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Star Hobson's sick killer mom Frankie Smith and evil partner received $560K in TAXPAYER-funded legal aid

Frankie Smith and her lover Savannah Brockhill were jailed in December 2021 following the death of the 16-month-old child
Frankie Smith(L), Savannah Brockhill (R) were sentenced to jail in connection to Star Hobson's death (West Yorkshire Police and Frankie Smith/ Facebook)
Frankie Smith(L), Savannah Brockhill (R) were sentenced to jail in connection to Star Hobson's death (West Yorkshire Police and Frankie Smith/ Facebook)

Warning: This article contains a recollection of a crime that could be traumatic for some readers. Discretion is advised

WEST YORKSHIRE, ENGLAND: The killers of Star Hobson are said to have received legal aid of $5,60,345 USD (£500k) from taxpayers. The 16-month-old toddler was murdered by Frankie Smith, 21, and her partner, Savannah Brockhill, 29.

The duo has since been sentenced and jailed. Brockhill was found guilty of killing the 16-month-old and Smith was convicted of causing or allowing her child's death. While the 29-year-old, who described herself as the “number one psycho,” was jailed for life with a minimum term of 25 years, Smith, 21, was awarded 12 years behind bars.


Star Hobson: Killer stepmom wanted to shave little girl’s head for 'Gipsy baby' look

9-month-old baby found dead outside FILTHY house filled with dirty nappies and beer bottles

According to Daily Star, the papers obtained via a Freedom of Information request revealed the legal battle for Brockhill and Smith from Keighley, West Yorks, was paid for by the taxpayer. According to The Sun, the great-granddad of Hobson, David Fawcett claimed, “They don’t deserve a penny of it.”


“The justice system is weighted far too heavily on the side of those who carry out shocking crimes," he added. “What about their victims? How can it cost £500,000 to represent two people who killed a tiny defenseless baby?" Hobson's great granddad had previously revealed, “Savannah was slam-choking - some kind of move they do in kickboxing or karate or something - and she was throwing Star onto the bed, which was thought was a bit strange for an 11-month-old little girl to be doing."


He continued, "Then a day or so later we got word she was going to shave all her hair off, she wanted to be like a gypsy baby, and she was holding her above her cot by one leg. So that's when Anita [Hobson’s great-grandmother] said 'I've had enough, I'm going to ring the social services and try and get this sorted out'.” Furthermore,  Hobson's family has also claimed that they have not yet received a headstone for her grave and this "unacceptable delay” has deprived the infant dignity in death. 


While delivering the sentences to the duo, judge Mrs Justice Lambert declared, “The physical injuries that Star suffered during her life are only part – however, a very significant part – of the tragic story of her life. She was also treated with, at best, callous indifference, by you both, and on many occasions with frank cruelty.” The Department for Education called the case “deeply disturbing” and said that it would “not hesitate” to take away children's services control from Bradford Council “if necessary”.