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Stanford reveals the face of Mary's husband Joseph and it's...ANDRE THE GIANT!

'Scrolling down, I'm ecstatic to find I'm not the only one who saw this,' said a social media user
UPDATED OCT 27, 2022
The new 3D (L) resembles Andre Rene Roussimoff (R) (@ColossusNick/Twitter and @andrethegiantofficial/Instagram)
The new 3D (L) resembles Andre Rene Roussimoff (R) (@ColossusNick/Twitter and @andrethegiantofficial/Instagram)

STANFORD, CALIFORNIA: After a viral tweet that claimed scientists at Stanford University reconstructed a 3D model of Mary Magdalene showcasing how she “might have looked” and the result was a look-a-like of Lady Gaga, now another viral tweet shows a new bizarre 3D model of “how Joseph, the husband of Mary the Mother of Jesus Christ might have looked.” And the result is -- Andre the Giant.

The trending tweet, which got tweeted by a user whose handle name goes by @ColossusNick on October 26, now has over 12K likes and has been retweeted more than 1,000 times. While the 3D model of Mary posted by user Future Dilf stands at 142 likes and has been retweeted 11.8K times.


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Who is Andre the Giant?

Born as Andre Rene Roussimoff in Grenoble, France on May 19, 1946, Andre was 7'4" and weighed 500 pounds, as per his official site. He was a French-Bulgarian professional wrestler and actor. He was best known for his work with WWE and was known by his ring name André the Giant. He died of an apparent heart attack on January 27, 1993, as per Los Angeles Times.

Following the tweet, netizens were quick to point out the uncanny resemblance of the 3D model with the late wrestler. A user wrote, "Hey ,I know that guy!!!" Another said, "Thought it was Andre the Giant," while one more said, "That's Andre the Giant."




Many continued to be puzzled looking at the tweet with one of many saying, "Andre the Giant as Fezzik in the Princess bride?" An individual wrote, "Bro that's Andre the Giant who y'all trying to fool." On the other hand, another person wrote, "Scrolling down, I'm ecstatic to find I'm not the only one who saw this."




As per the previous report by Yahoo!, the 3D model was fake. This exact image of the Lady Gaga model was used as a copypasta meme from 2018, following the exact same concept, except showing that it was a reconstruction of Cleopatra, not Mary Magdalene.


Buzzfeed in 2018 wrote about the tweet that jokingly suggested a 3D-rendering of Britney Spears attempting to recreate the Egyptian ruler Cleopatra.


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